The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Photo Collage for Instagram Stories

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There is no longer a time when people took pictures with an electronic camera and saved images in photo albums. In a world dominated by social media, sharing and clicking photos has never been simpler. Instagram, the social media platform Instagram is especially popular with over 500 million users per day. Features include Instagram posts, stories, posts reels, IGTV, etc. Users can share special moments with their entire friends and family in a matter of just a few seconds. Read more about Kinemaster Mod Apk.

While sharing photos as Instagram posts is helpful, you may neglect the idea of curating images of an occasion in albums of pictures. If you’re feeling this, don’t worry! Instagram stories can assist you in that area as well!


What exactly is Instagram Stories?

If you’re a regular fan of the Instagram platform, stories are not the most exciting feature. The feature was launched in the year 2016. Instagram Stories allows users to post videos and photos on their Instagram accounts. But, the stories stay active for only 24 hours. However, you can save them for longer by including them in highlights. The combination functions that come with Instagram Stories and highlights can make the perfect college or album for any occasion or occasion. Before we discuss making an Instagram story collage, we’ll first look at what Instagram collage is all about.


What exactly is what is an Instagram Photo Collage?

An Instagram collage of photos is an excellent way to share and express your photos and videos more imaginatively. When you group two or more images and upload them as one video or picture, it’s a collage. An adequately designed Instagram collage will draw people who are not Instagram followers who follow your profile, organize your content correctly, and increase engagement. In addition, you’ll be capable of sharing your Instagram stories with your family and friends effortlessly. You can also apply your ideas and creativity to create an original Instagram photos collage.

The possibility of making collages using Instagram was always there. However, it has become popular in the last few years. As more celebrities and influencers embrace the medium to draw real Instagram followers and users, regular Instagram followers note the similarities. This is why various apps have been created to make Instagram’s Instagram stories more appealing and appealing visually.

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What are the benefits of using Instagram stories?

The reasons you should utilize Instagram stories to make images for an Instagram image collage can be numerous. There are many reasons to use Instagram stories.

  1. It lets you post unlimited videos and photos and arrange them into highlights. These highlights are displayed on your profile and have the appropriate title. For example, you could group all of your wedding photos under the highlight section titled “My Wedding.”
  1. Many features are accessible many features are available in Instagram stories, which can enhance your stories by making them more exciting and informative. There are a variety of filters available or include words to describe an image, have a location, add hashtags to tag the people in the photo, and so on.
  1. It is also possible to share your photos and videos only with specific people instead of all your followers. In these instances, Instagram allows you to post stories within the”close friends” section. Only those added to the group of close friends can access the story. This feature isn’t accessible for Instagram posts available for all followers.
  1. Instagram stories also feature an option to lay out your story. You can create a direct collage of photos using multiple photos and upload it in an individual story.
  1. Other apps can assist in creating beautiful layouts for stories on Instagram.

From the above information, it is evident that you can use Instagram stories in a variety of ways to make the perfect college. Follow the steps below to create beautiful Instagram slides for your Instagram stories.

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How do I make the Instagram Photo Collage?

Making a collage of photos on Instagram is a breeze. It is possible to do it by using a variety of methods. The process for the initial one is listed below:

  1. Take a photo using an iOS or Android phone. Upload it to Instagram stories. Use filters to enhance the picture if you like.
  1. Adjust the size of the image as you’d like. You can also change the background colors by pressing the airbrush for one second, then selecting the desired color.
  1. Then, you can start the gallery app on your phone.
  1. Choose the photo you wish to share with the Instagram story. Under the share icon, you’ll find a choice for copying the image—select Copy.
  1. Go to your Instagram story once more. After that, the new sticker will appear with the copied image providing you with the choice of “add a sticker.”
  1. Include the sticker in the story. The duplicated image, along with the original inside the same story.
  1. Repeat the steps as many times as you’d like to add additional photos.

This is a simple hack that is available on most smartphones. There are different methods of creating a collage of photos also. Take a look below.

How do I create the Instagram Photo Collage using the Layout Mode of Instagram Stories?


In response to the growing popularity of Instagram collages of photos, Instagram launched its app that similarly assists users. The app is dubbed Layout. It lets users make and upload collages of images directly from Instagram stories. The steps needed to use the layout feature consist of as follows:

  1. Start Instagram stories using the Instagram account.
  1. Swipe left. A variety of options will be available on your camera like Make, Boomerang, Layout, Multi-Capture, etc.
  1. Select Layout.
  1. A variety of grid options will appear. Choose the grid you like most.
  1. You can either snap photos right away or pick pictures in the gallery.
  1. When it is clear that the Instagram collage is finished, after which, you can edit it by using the usual features for stories (filters or text effects, and more.)

Are there third-party applications to create Instagram collages?

In addition to the two above methods, various third-party applications allow you to create beautiful Instagram collages. While the two methods we discussed previously are quick and easy to create a collage, they don’t offer as many possibilities for creativity as third-party apps. The most well-known applications for making collages on Instagram are:



Canva is the world’s most well-known software for designing graphics suitable for professionals and beginners alike. With a variety of templates for free, Canva allows you to create stunning images not only for Instagram stories but also for different purposes. There are many layout options, including text and filters, and tools for editing photos. It’s simple to use, and its large selection of templates and options lets you create the ideal collage on Instagram.



As video marketing has grown in popularity, advertising, InShot is also a top-rated app for celebrities and Instagram users. You can accomplish numerous possibilities using this photo and video editing application. Its options include an array of features for design, opportunities to cut and split, crop and join videos, as well as add music to your photos and videos, and more. Additionally, it has filters, overlays, text, effects, and animations to improve your content’s overall quality and appeal. It also allows users to boost or reduce the speeds of videos. Overall, the app offers everything you require to create Instagram-worthy Instagram stories, including the collage maker.



Use the Unfold application if you enjoy minimalist elegant, classy, and stylish content. It comes with a selection of premium and free templates, ideal for creating beautiful narratives and collages. It can be used with images as well as videos.



PhotoGrid is another fantastic program that can create collages of images and videos shared on Instagram. It also offers a wide range of designs and templates designed specifically for Instagram stories. It also has editing tools for photos, like removing the background and creating a new background. Effects for beautifying or removing makeup are available. You can also include GIFs in your stories.


Adobe Spark

It is highly recommended for the creation of Instagram stories. Adobe Spark is easy to use and can be utilized by those new to the app. There are many themes and design options for users to pick from. It is also possible to include music and sound effects in your videos and photos.

Other popular third-party applications include StoryArt, Typorama, Microsoft Hyperlapse, CutStory, etc.

In the end, with the use of an Instagram collage, you’ll be able to complete every task you had to do when you added photos to your album of photos. You can accomplish more. You can include relevant captions to the images, and you’ll be reminded of the enjoyable events that occurred when the photo was taken. The most effective method to create collages is to tell the story via Instagram stories. This can help in increasing engagement and, consequently, gaining an increase in Instagram likes. Utilize the myriad of options that Instagram can provide to make your content more memorable and engaging. Don’t forget to save your stories as highlights so you, as well as your Instagram followers, can revisit them whenever they like!