Is Amazon Stats Successful in 2022?

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Amazon is among the most well-known businesses worldwide in 2022, with a projected income of 386 billion dollars in 2020. Amazon established its own distribution hubs by the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until subsequently in the decade that it began offering all its shipping services. In the past 2000, Amazon’s web network has also evolved to assist third-party sellers in rapidly evolving sites. The design of this platform is a blockbuster as it launched a 3D display Fire in 2014. Read more about Amazon Stats below.

Key Amazon stats and facts

  • Amazon has become the third biggest e-commerce company, making total sales of about 386 billion dollars in 2021. 
  • The total income of is about 11 percent. 
  • Total profits earned by amazon in 2021 accounts for 21.3 billion dollars, with Amazon Web services accounting for 50% of it.
  • In 2021, Total amazon prime subscribers reached up to 200 million globally, out of which 147 million were from the US. 
  • In 2021, Amazon Prime Music had 55 million subscribers, whereas Amazon Prime Video had 175 million members in 2020.
  • 55 million echo and sound appliances were sold on Amazon in 2022

Amazon’s total Revenue

After China and Walmart’s Petrochemical Company, Amazon is the third-largest global firm by sales. Its income increased by 37.6percent in 2020, the highest percentage growth since 2011, largely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Net RevenueYear
2.37 billion dollars2016
3.03 billion dollars2017
10.07 billion dollars2018
11.58 billion dollars2019
21.33 billion dollars2020

Amazon Prime Subscribers Stats

While Amazon’s shop and shipping ambitions have evolved, so has the worth of Amazon Prime. Amazon has established a clamp impact analogous to Apple’s iOS with Music, Video, e-books, cloud storage, magazines, and other updated Ad-on. So, like Apple, Amazon Prime is still most popular in the US and other countries during this time.

Prime SubscribersYear
66 million subscribers2017
100 million subscribers 2018
120 million subscribers 2019
150 million subscribers 2020
200 million subscribers2021

Stat of Amazon’s Echo sales

One of the most popular and successful centers is Amazon Echo, which already contains a variety of configurations, including Dot, Show, Flex, and Sub.   Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, works with the Fire TV stick and other third-party peripherals.

8.5 million2016
26.2 million2017
32 million2018
38 million2019
55 million2020

Market share of Amazon Fire TV

Despite the fact that Roku is by far the most successful tv Streaming device in the United States, Amazon’s Fire TV is perhaps the most selling tv Streaming device in the world, outselling video game consoles. Google’s Chromecast has fallen short of expectations, with Samsung’s linked TVs coming in a close second.

BrandMarket SharesSales
Amazon12.1%13.2 million
Samsung10.9%11.9 million
Sony8.2%9 million
Nintendo7.7%8.4 million
LG5.9%6.5 million
Roku5.8%6.3 million
TCL5.7%6.2 million
Hisense 4.7%5.1 million
Other brands39.1%42.5 million

A Shopping Experience Beyond Compare

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the way consumers shop online is always changing. Just think about how different online shopping is now than it was when Amazon launched back in 1994 – or even how different things are now than they were 10 years ago.

As consumers’ online shopping behaviors continue to change and new technology is introduced, let’s take a look at how customers are shopping on Amazon and ultimately making their purchasing decisions.

2% of Echo owners have purchased a product via Alexa.

Since its release in 2015, more than 50 million Amazon Echos have been sold. But while Alexa, Echo’s voice-operated assistant, allows users to make purchases, check the current status of their Amazon orders and suggest products using nothing but their voice, very few consumers are actually making purchases this way.

Amazon sells over 1.1 million home improvement products.

For some time, the home improvement industry was believed to be immune to the dreaded “Amazon Effect.”

The spontaneous nature of many home improvement projects and comfort of having a professional help you pinpoint the perfect product continued to drive shoppers to major brick-and-mortar stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

95 million people have Amazon Prime memberships in the US.

By the end of 2018, Amazon Prime memberships had reached a staggering total of 95 million in the US alone.

This is up from 85 million in 2017, and now accounts for 59% of Amazon’s total US customers.

These are customers who not only shop on Amazon, but pay a monthly fee for exclusive benefits and faster shipping.

$1.4K is spent by Amazon Prime members each year.

In 2018, Prime members spent an average of $1,400 on Amazon, whereas non-Prime members spent around $600.

That means Prime members have more than 2x the annual spend of non-Prime buyers.

If you think about it, this stat is not all that surprising. Prime members tend to be loyal Amazon shoppers, those that are already more likely to shop on Amazon on a regular basis.

FBA gives sellers a 30-50% increase in sales.

Enrolling in FBA is shown to both increase the conversion rate of your SKUs and boost your sales.

A big part of this has to do with the Amazon Prime program.

As a general rule, online shoppers hate to pay for shipping.

Prime users receive free 2-day shipping on any Prime-eligible products, making them much more likely to buy products with that Prime check mark.