Best car air fresheners for guys

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For some, the car is like a second home. Or at least a very good friend who takes you wherever you want, whenever you want. But in order to stay faithful, you have to give him something in return. Repairs, new parts, fluid exchange or car accessories. And to feel comfortable and relaxed in the vehicle, you can install a car air freshener with the aroma you like the most.

Did you know that now there are even air fresheners on the market that smell like a new car? Maybe your car is already new and you don’t feel the need for a product to fill the air. However, if you want to get rid of unpleasant odors or do a little aromatherapy in your own car, then you have a choice.

We have used several types of car air freshener in our car so far

Scented cardboard fir trees are already classics, but they always do their job. Although it’s true that it doesn’t last long. Bottle-type air fresheners are extremely strong and should be used sparingly.

Liquid products that you have to handle yourself to release your favorite flavor in the car are also good. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

We have used it before, and in fact we are currently using perfume with pearls in scented bags . They are easy to hang on the mirror and spread a subtle scent, depending on what flavor you choose. And when you feel like you want to refresh, you just have to move the bag a little bit for the pearls in it to take effect again.

We also had a spray type air freshener, but we don’t use it anymore because the smell seems too strong and chemical. Instead, we have fruit-flavored spray to clean the board. And its smell is pleasantly preserved in the car, even after using it. Some of the best car air fresheners for guys are given below

4 types of car air freshener, most often used

1.Car air freshener with aromatic pearls

In the box, jar or bag, the scented pearls chosen according to your preferences gradually release the fresh aroma. And if you need a little refreshment, if you feel that the intensity of the perfume does not satisfy you, it is enough to move the container a little for the pearls to do their job.

One of the favorite products of this kind for many drivers is the chewing gum-flavored air freshener. It just smells delicious and immediately makes you want a gum!

2. Car bottle air freshener

This type of product is practical and easy to use. It has a concentrated aroma (depending on what you choose) that persists long and well. He turned it upside down for a few seconds. You let the scented oil soak in the lid and then turn it over as it was. You can hang it on the mirror or anywhere else you want. Because it is provided with a cord.

We had something like that and it lasted a long time. But great care must be taken with the bottle so that it does not crack or spill. The liquid inside is mega strong and will make you dizzy if you do this.

3. Dry car air freshener, in various forms

This is the classic scented car product that has always been used by car owners. It comes in different shapes (fir, flower, animal, etc.) and has countless flavors. It depends on the brand you choose. It is easy to hang in the mirror and gives off a pleasant smell for quite some time.

I really like this car product. You put it where you want it and you don’t care about it anymore. And even when it looks like it’s all ready, it will still give off a little flavor. I’m a fan of fresh, sporty or fruit-scented Christmas trees.

4. Car ornament air freshener

It can be in the shape of dice, hearts, toys or whatever you want. It consists of a funny car ornament and an original car air freshener. The choices are multiple, as is the personality of the car owners.


Drivers who want to save their health but also have a car that smells good can use natural fragrances. There are textile bags with lavender or other herbs that can be put in the car and will spread a very pleasant and discreet smell. Also, natural air fresheners can be made very easily, writes To get a natural spray, use a spray, a few drops of essential oil, water and a little alcohol. Mix three parts water with one part alcohol, add 10-20 drops of scented oil, as desired. Mix everything well and put it in the spray, the spray thus obtained can be used whenever needed.


Car air fresheners are of all kinds, for all tastes, as they say. But of course there are people who choose not to use such a thing. For some reason. Every choice must be made. What is certain is that nowadays, with regard to car accessories, you can please anyone.