Provence Luxury Villas To Rent On Your Visit To Europe

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Traveling is something you can never say “No” to when it comes to spending a good time. Everyone picks up their favorite places to visit on their summer and winter breaks. People want their weekend holidays to be relaxing and so they like visiting beautiful places which help calm their minds. The most beautiful places are mostly found in European countries which is why the majority of tours are focused on Europe-based countries.

If you’re someone who is considering planning a quick tour to Europe but want to avoid the major hustle bustle of European capitals, you can rent provence villas and enjoy a luxurious tour of Europe’s off-the-beaten-path side. The offchart European villas are a perfect way to spend your vacations easing your back in a comfy armchair while you witness the beauty of the outside world.

Here are 3 Amazing Provence Villas to visit when you’re traveling to the European side of the world.

1. Mas Flavia

Mas Flavia is known as the classic Provençal mas which is situated in a beautiful field of endless green and blue colored valleys covering the horizon. The villa starts with a vintage iron gate, leading to an age-old fountain, a beautiful stone façade and a shiny resplendent maxe of ochre tiles present at the southern side. The interior is designed with snow white shiny tiles along with similar white colored door frames and windows that complete the serene look.

With a heated pool in the backyard, the Mas Flavia offers many other fun activities available for you to enjoy your time peacefully. For fun and entertainment, the villa has Home-based Theater to enjoy your time. For sport lovers, the villa has a Billiard room and a Tennis court. For gym enthusiasts, a Gym room is also built within Mas Flavia for complying with all the needs of tourists. You can enjoy your mornings with a cool walk in the Château Flavia’s private court

2. Mas de Maiòu

Mas de Maiòu is present right in the center surrounded by four hectares of vineyards plus olive trees. This makes it a soothing spot, a beautiful sight for sour eyes. Known for its rustic beauty, Mas de Maiòu offers you a calm place to stay in Europe textured with vintage look and warm hues. The interior is designed mostly with wood, leather, and stones. There are many different types of activities to enjoy other than the vintage look. Especially the Provencal gardens of Mas de Maiou are called the heart of the villa which a majority of people admire. Not to forget the magnificent view you can enjoy from Oppède-le-Vieux.

Mas Siloin Cyprès

Moving onto the third European villa, we have Mas Siloin Cyprès which is known for its magnificent contrast beauty. The villa is often called a Provençal dream because of its striking natural beauty which is paired with the modern interior. People wherever visit the place can’t help but admire thd contrast of enjoying both the natural as well as advanced life. The vegetable gardens are there for strolling while the heated infinity pool is for enjoying a warm dip. You can also enjoy some pastis under the pergola on your comfy tulip chairs beside the pools.


Although the given crucial pandemic situations have really put a stop to many tourism plans, people have managed to keep the fun going by getting vaccinations and following strict SOP measures. You can also allow yourself to have some fun enjoying the luxury villas of Europe.