Islam diet- 5 revolutionary tips from the Sunnah

Islam is the religion of peace, prosperity, and patience. These rules go to all the things which we do in our life. As being patient, you must control your desires and your choices. Islam teaches the practice to opt pure. It leads to living life according to the fundamentals and the methods of Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him. Islam defines so many etiquettes and habits to practice a healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, and the way of living. Prophet Muhammad has always taught about purity and hygiene. Prophet has said about healthy eating to his people as well. There are so many things written in the Quran about healthy eating and healthy life. These all understanding are the fundamentals of customs of Islam, and Muslims do practice all these in general.

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Wash your hands

Before eating anything, it is essential to wash your hands as hygiene and protection from germs are crucial. You can think about what you have done all day and what you have touched while working; dust, bacteria, and germs are everywhere. So, it is very much essential to wash hands before eating as it will be a way of a healthy lifestyle and whatever you will be eating there would be no interaction of germs which will save you from all the diseases and viruses that could hurt your immune system and fell you sick.

Moderation while eating 

So often, when we are hungry, we lose control of overeating, which can bring so many problems with it. Prophet Muhammad, has always taught to eat in moderation. Do not eat more than your need; if you feel fulfilled with your hunger, stop eating. It is not essential to eat until the bite comes overboard. In Islam, it is advised to eat and fulfill your stomach only 1/3. However, all scientists now prove this theory that eating in specific portions is good.

Eat and drink slowly.

It is essential to calm your hunger because we are hungry and desperate to eat. As a result, we end up bloating our stomachs. Prophet Muhammad, has always taught to eat slowly so your digestive system can figure that you have eaten the food. When we eat in a hurry, the brain doesn’t get signals that we have eaten, and then we feel like we haven’t eaten enough. Eating slowly helps our digestive system to process the digestion of food. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has also taught that do not drink water so fast. Take small sips and try to drink water in 3 gulps. Drinking water slowly helps in absorption.

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Try to fast

Fasting is the most beneficial technique to maintain your health. It is the practice of going without food and water for the time being. The time carries half of the day or more. Prophet Muhammad used to fast on other days except for Ramadan only. The practice of fasting helps in weight loss; it improves sensitivity in insulin, increases metabolism, activates brain function, and improves eating patterns flawlessly. Today scientists have shown that the timings of eating foods affect our physical and mental health. Nowadays, intermittent fasting has been a rapidly increasing trend as it offers fantastic results of weight loss and light eating patterns. 

Eat together 

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has always said that be together and show brotherhood. Similarly, prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has said while you are eating, you all must eat together. Do not eat separately, as Allah Almighty has always showered his blessing on those in a group and not separate.


Concluding, Islam has always shared the teaching of benefits. Islam diet has so many healthy revolutions and benefits. We have mentioned all the ways of eating according to Sunnah. These ways are activated in a healthy lifestyle and prevent many diseases. If you implement these tips in your life, you will feel more changes in your health.

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