GSM vs. PT Unit System: Main Differences and which is Best for Printing

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When we talk about the realm of custom boxes, we come across terminology like GSM and PT unit systems. And, in order to print properly, you must first grasp the unit system, the major distinctions, and which is the best for printing. Understanding the key distinctions between the GSM and PT unit systems can help you understand the thickness and weight of the paper. Knowing all of this information will have a significant influence on the printing process.

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The GSM vs. PT Unit System: 

The point system (PT) and the Grams per square meter (GSM) are the units of measurement used to determine stock thickness. Cardboard boxes or other packing materials can be used as the stock. Folding cartons are also measured using unit units. In the measuring unit system, the paperweight is equally important. You’ll see paper labeled 80Ib all the time, which signifies it weighs 80 pounds.

To comprehend the point system (PT), you must first realize that a point equal to 10 inches denotes a stock thickness of 0.01 inches. When discussing different types of paper, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t always have to mean that the thicker the paper is, the heavier it will be. The metric system, rather than inches, is used to calculate grams per square unit. The GSM determines the thickness of the paper. We will have thicker paper if the GSM is higher.

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Significance of the Unit System: 

The relevance of the unit system arises from the fact that it ensures that the product’s quality is maintained throughout. The strength of a stock is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). It can also tell if the stock is defect-free or contains flaws. Most notably, the GSM is vital for determining the product’s thickness. Both unit systems are important in the packaging business since they are used to consider quality. These allow purchasers to quickly assess the paper’s quality and make decisions based on their preferences.

Which is Best for Printing, GSM, or PT Unit System, Consult an Expert? 

Looking into different sorts of paper and their thickness, GSM, and PT unit system isn’t easy. You must choose the proper combination of printing and sturdiness. This can be a difficult situation. You do not need to be concerned, though, since we are here to assist you. You don’t have to make that choice by yourself. We understand that the world of personalization can be intimidating and perplexing, but we’ve got you covered. We will assist you from beginning to end, ensuring that you enjoy the outcome.

There are several aspects to consider before deciding on a unit system. The first and most important step is to determine what the material will be used for. You’ll think about the pricing and durability after you’ve gotten to know it. Every element should be carefully considered so that you do not have any issues with the final output. We have outstanding personnel that will assist you with the procedure. We are a company with vast experience with custom boxes and will assist you in selecting the best option for printing.

Why Product Packaging is Significant? 

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