Top 10 Best QR Code Generators

QR codes which are usually made via QR code generator websites or tools are fancy, yet viral variants of bar codes. Unlike bar codes, however, the QR codes are scannable by any device and contain fixed information in them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes have been the center of attention for contactless information exchange such as payments, food menus, location, and contact information sharing.

The ranking of QR code generators is based on numerous functionalities such as longevity, aesthetics, customization, and performance tracking. Below we rank the top 10 best QR code generator websites or tools that can help transform your business or even you as an independent brand if used these eloquently:

  1. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Generators

QR monkey is an amazing QR code generator with an established fan base. A simpler user interface and high customizability are its main features. The customizations include color, frame, and central image of the QR code. The output can be saved as document (.pdf, .eps) or as image type (.png, .svg) with the ability of high- or low-quality result.

  1. QR Code Chimp

QR Code Generators

QR Code Chimp is an extraordinary online QR code generator tool. It is aesthetically pleasing, with a huge range of customization, AND includes a chrome extension. How cool is that! If that is not convincing enough, look at their clients that include the world’s top brands such as McDonald’s, Red Bull, and Shell. The tool is also offered in premium 3-tie service.

  1. ST QR

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This online QR Code generator will just blow your mind out. Having guides, FAQs, and documents is just a complete package. Data encoding options on the main page include a tooltip that explains what it does. You can embed a video or audio file in QR code via this tool, amazing, isn’t it? It comes with a caveat too although. The website is in the Russian language and no language selection option is available either.

  1. QR Tiger

QR Code Generators

QR tiger has rather classic aesthetics which may repel you from trying it. However, just looks should not stop you from trying this website as it is just as good if you are a standard user and want a QR code generator to help you save big time. QR tiger also offers paid services with a myriad of options.

  1. QR Stuff

QR Code Generators

QR Stuff is a plain color-themed QR code generator website with a rather flow-type process to generate the QR codes. It promises no Ads and QR code analytics for a $7.50/month subscription. The website lacks some major functionality such as output saving options. The customization options are quite tedious too for normal users.

  1. QR Code Lion (

QR Code Generators

QR Code Lion is one of those websites that put user comfort, and user-friendly interface high above the market standards. This awesome website has a very intuitive layout, and a wide variety of options are immediately available to try. Above all, there are no ads or pricing either. That’s the sweet spot that QR Code Lion banks on.And i think this is the best qr code generator.


  1. QR Generator

QR Code Generators

QR Generator is a simple QR code generator tool with a simplistic web design. One of the prominent features of QR Generator is its ability to produce dynamic QR codes. They also offer the premium version for $5.98/month which has a huge list of additive advantages over the free version.

  1. Me QR

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Although ME QR has a little bit messy interface, however, it contains all the good options that a good QR code generator should have. There are a few shortcomings too. For example, it only allows saving in PNG and SVG format, and that too in a standard resolution which is something many users would want.

  1. QR Creator

QR Code Generators

This online code generator can help you understand your requirement as well as fulfill them. The main page has three prominent sections: the top bar includes language selector and menu contractor; the center body includes all the features with their description and the left sidebar contains types of content that can be embedded via this tool.

  1. 4QR Code

QR Code Generators

Nobody likes Ads, and yet the QR code generator developer needs Ads to keep the project afloat. However, keeping the Ad before the actual feature is what 4QR opted to do. This is the only website that has big banner advertisements. On its main page before the QR code generator options. Although the website has other options like a blog and language selector, the flash color selection for the website theme just repels the user. On the options side, it does offer decent customization to QR code generations.

Before you go on and try one of the QR code generators, please keep a word of advice in mind. A QR code generator must be of good repute otherwise you’ll just harm the scanner instead of helping them because some QR code generators place the advert URL before the actual URL which can be a problem sometimes. Similarly, choose the customization rationally and look at your desired target audience.