Step-by-step procedure to set study schedule for competitive exam preparation

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We all are well acquainted with the fact that competitive exams have a humongous syllabus that can’t be completed without a proper study plan. A proper study schedule is necessary to give yourself the right direction to study effectively for the exam. Moreover, it makes you able to complete a vast exam syllabus on time. Note that a study schedule will only prove worth if you follow it regularly instead of just devising and procrastinating. Do you know the strategy to craft a rewarding study plan? If not, then this article will help you make a fruitful study schedule for productive exam preparation. So, read this article gingerly and craft a schedule that can bring you success in the upcoming competitive exam. 

It will be impossible for you to get through all the phases of the competitive exam smoothly if your exam preparation lacks planning. Well, you can’t depend upon your luck to crack this arduous exam. So, it is a wise idea to put in onerous efforts and adhere to a study schedule regularly to ace your exam preparation. During your banking exam preparation, if you find any doubt, don’t try to waste your entire day by sticking to that single topic. Rather you can seek help from a reliable source that conducts excellent bank coaching in Chandigarh. Proper guidance from experts will remove all your doubts easily and help in boosting your preparation. 

Here are some tips to devise a proper study schedule before diving into competitive exam preparation: 

Set short-term and long-term study goals

Once you clearly know what you want to achieve, it will be easier for you to plan and manage your timetable accordingly. This will allow you to identify the areas where you need to put in laborious efforts. Therefore, before starting your preparation, make sure to set long-term and short-term goals for your studies. Don’t know how to set these goals for an effective study schedule? Let us tell you that short-term goals may include setting a certain time to cover a specific topic. You can also include how many questions you have to solve within a day. This way, you can break your tasks into days to accomplish your goals. Whereas, long-term goals may include completing the entire exam syllabus timely. Note that you can accomplish long-term goals by completing short-term goals. 

Well, it is better to set regular deadlines to achieve daily targets. Moreover, if you want to beef up your SSC exam preparation, you can approach the magnificent institute that offers the finest SSC coaching in Chandigarh. 

Make a list of subjects

The primary step to make an operative study schedule is to list every subject you have to prepare for the exam. You can visit the official website of exam conducting bodies to check the exam syllabus. Then make a list of subjects and write all the topics correspondingly. After jotting down all the essential details, make sure to analyze the subjects that seem difficult to you. Then you can optimize more time on strenuous subjects and less time to easier ones. However, it doesn’t mean that you will completely ignore the easy subjects. It is crucial to give equal importance to every subject to score top rank in the competitive exam. 

Make a priority list

After making a list of subjects, it is imperative to figure out the subject you need to study first. It is a wise decision to rank the subjects according to the level of difficulty and their weightage in the exam. Identify which subjects among them need the best time slots. Make sure to be realistic while setting your priorities. Here is a sequence to set your priorities:

  • Consider the difficulty of each subject in the syllabus.
  • Identify the amount of time you need to grasp everything perfectly.
  • Determine the time required to revise the subjects to retain them for a longer time. 

For example, if you are going to study the quants section and it is not your strong suit, you can dedicate more time to this subject. Well, you can choose to study hard subjects in the early hours of the morning and easy subjects during the evening hours. 

Divide your time into study blocks

Before moving ahead with preparation, you need to divide your available time during the day into study blocks. Then, make a strategy to assign each block to every subject you need to cover. Here are some methods to create study blocks appropriately: 

  • First, consider the time you need to utilize to study subjects.
  • Then, calculate the time you spare on daily chores like bathing, sleeping, eating and walking. 
  • Now, schedule small study sessions along with short breaks after certain hours. It is critical to take a short break after every hour to relax and calm your mind so that you can concentrate more on the concepts. 

After making a schedule, make sure to follow it daily wholeheartedly. Shun the habit of procrastination if you want to crack the exam. This is how you can sail through the tough challenges of competitive exams smoothly. 

Allocate time for self-evaluation

How can you know your strengths and weaknesses? Obviously, by evaluating yourself, right? So, during weekends, you can solve some practice tests. These practice tests are designed in accordance with the actual competitive exams. These tests comprise the latest syllabus and latest pattern which gives an idea about certain things you have to face in the exam. So, you can solve these mock tests to see how much you are prepared and which areas are you lacking. This way, you can overcome your shortcomings and boost your performance. Whenever you score well in the tests, you can reward yourself with your favorite things to stay encouraged to do even better. Well, if you want proper guidance to remove your flaws, you can seek help from the eminent platform that caters the best bank coaching in Chandigarh. 

Ask for help

It has been observed that students get stuck on some arduous topics. After constant efforts and certain trials, they didn’t get where they are going wrong. They spend ample time on a single topic but still fail to grasp it. Well, if you also face this situation then don’t hesitate to ask for help. This way, you can solve your doubts in a while and save your time for further preparation. If you are preparing for the SSC exam, then you can approach the illustrious source that delivers splendid SSC coaching in Chandigarh to amp up your preparation. 


To conclude, all the above-mentioned steps will help to complete a strenuous and ginormous syllabus on time. To reap the fruit of your hard work, just ensure to follow a study routine with full enthusiasm and devotion.