Effective ways to cope with stress while preparing for defence exams

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Stress has a cunning way of creeping up on you. You must know that stress can wrap up inside you and spread like a Chia Pet until the sprouts become out of control. Migraine, long term weight gain, transient rashes like physical symptoms can be signs of stress. Therefore, it is the foremost step to eradicate stress to live a peaceful and jolly life. Note that only a clear and calm mind has the ability to grasp and retain concepts easily. Therefore, being a defence aspirant, you must ensure to keep yourself free from tensions. You can get rid of hypertension by sticking to the soulful tips compiled in this article. So, amp up your exam preparation by tackling stressful situations with our staunch guidance. 

We all know that an aspirant needs to be physically as well as mentally fit to join Indian defence forces. Let us tell you, your mental health plays a vital role while dealing with daunting battlefield situations. Hence, it is imperative to keep your spirit high while serving in defence forces. Well, the first step of entering the Indian defence forces is to crack the defence exam. So, which exam are you preparing for? Is it an NDA exam? If yes, then beef up your preparation by acquiring splendid guidance from experts. For this, you can approach an illustrious source that caters excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh

If stress is overpowering you, here are some effective strategies you can follow rigorously to cope with stress:

Avoid procrastination

The prime way to ward off stress is to avoid procrastinating and stay on top of your priorities. It takes full energy to be focused on something you want to do. So, ascertain to utilize your energy productively while preparing for defence exams. 

Do you know why procrastination is a root cause of stress? It is because procrastination might cause you to behave in a reactionary manner, leaving you scrambling to get caught up. This strange behavior can cause stress and have a negative impact on your health as well as sleep. So, it is better to craft a prioritized to-do list. Make sure to adhere to it wholeheartedly. In case, if you are not able to do everything, choose one or two most important tasks and concentrate on them regularly. This way, you can eliminate stress by setting reasonable deadlines for yourself and working upon them. 

Listen to soothing music

Music has a soothing effect on your mind. So, you can listen to calming music during your free time. Soothing and calm music can actually lower your heart rate and stabilize blood pressure. Make sure to turn on relaxing music at a low volume whenever you feel stressed. Melodious music can calm your nerves and help you focus properly while studying for the exam. Remember to turn off music during your study hours, as it can distract you. Listening to music only in your leisure time is advisable for constructive preparation. 

Connect with nature

Spending time outside in the lap of nature is beneficial for a healthy mind and healthy body. It reduces anxiety, stress and hypertension. Natural beauty makes us feel better by diverting our attention away from our worries. Studies have revealed that being in nature or merely viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear and tension while increasing positive sensations. Nature not only improves your emotional well-being as it also improves your physical well-being by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, muscular tension, stress hormone production and muscular tension.

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From aromatherapy, we mean the usage of an assortment of aromatic essential oils medicinally to upgrade your mental as well as physical health. According to numerous studies, aroma oils are beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety. Some of the most calming scents to fend off your hypertension are: 

  • Rose 
  • Vetiver 
  • Neroli 
  • Geranium 
  • Sandalwood
  • Bergamot 
  • Lavender 

Apart from essential oils, aromatherapy includes scented candles, diffusers, inhalers, bathing salts, massage oils, facial steamers etc. Thus, there are many options available under aromatherapy. There is no rigid rule applicable to visit expensive salons for aromatherapy. You can simply purchase an essential oil of your choice and diffuse it in the room where you sleep. It will absolutely work wonders in reducing your stress. 

Consider natural supplements

A plethora of natural and herbal supplements are available in the market that aid in relieving stress. Here are a few supplements you can use regularly to calm your stress:

  • Ashwagandha: This herb has miraculous properties that help in improving your overall health. Adding this herb to your regular diet will definitely help you in uplifting your mood. 
  • Vitamin B: You can have supplements of vitamin B on a regular basis. This vitamin helps in controlling sugar level in your body Which in turn avail in lowering stress in your body. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: You can consume omega-3 fatty acids to enhance your health and feel delightful. The best way to consume omega-3 naturally is through walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and fish. 
  • Kava kava: You can use kava kava to treat anxiety disorder. It is a herbal remedy through which you can upgrade your mood and improve sleep quality. 
  • Lemon balm: You might not know about lemon balm. So, we want to inform you that lemon balm is from the mint family. You can add lemon balm with anti-anxiety effects to your drinks and food daily for Positive outcomes. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Pessimistic thoughts are the prime reason that causes stress. Therefore, to avoid pessimism, you can surround yourself with positive people that can motivate you. It is crystal clear that motivation is requisite to keep your chin up on your target. In addition, you can discuss your problems with them and they surely find an appropriate way to tackle them. However, if you are facing enormous issues while preparing for a defence exam, you can get help from a prominent source conducting the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh


To conclude, above mentioned are some rewarding strategies that can help you cope with stress in your preparation period. This way, stress management helps you ace defence exams with flying colors.