7 Points to Know about SEO Services in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the hub of business enterprises. With digital presence becoming essential each day, more businesses are trying their best to grab higher rankings on SERPs. However, without the right SEO services, you won’t be able to outrank your competitors on Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

Here are 7 points that you need to keep your eye on to know that you are doing your SEO right. 

Right Keywords 

Keywords are the basics of all SEO strategies. You have to mix both long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords considering your user demographics. Short tail keywords will attract a large number of visitors to your site whereas long-tail keywords will facilitate voice search. When you avail of SEO services in Mumbai, your SEO agency will ensure that they are using the right keywords to generate valuable conversions. 

Algorithm Updates 

Just creating SEO strategies isn’t enough! Your SEO agency must consider the latest algorithm updates of search engines like Google before strategizing SEO for your business. For example, in 2015 the search engine algorithms required every website to be mobile-friendly in order to rank higher. So, make sure that your SEO services are at par with the new updates of search engines that you want to target. 

Page Speed 

In this fast-paced world, people don’t have enough time to waste on a web page that doesn’t load within 5 seconds. Availing yourself of SEO services from a leading SEO company will ensure that you don’t lose customers to your competitors because of a slow-loading web page. The right SEO services will ensure that your page loads within 5 seconds to prevent visitors from diverting to other web pages or websites. 

Unique Content

Content is considered the king of SEO. When you opt for SEO services from an experienced SEO agency you will have the benefit of high-quality, engaging content. This will cater to the needs and queries of your customers while keeping them engaged thoroughly. Moreover, a professional SEO agency will also integrate the right keywords and optimize the content to rank higher on SERPs. 

Social Media Influence 

Social media influence is now important for improving your SEO efforts. If your content is useful, informative, and interactive, it will get more likes, retweets, shares, pluses, and upvotes. Maintaining a good reputation with an adequate number of followers on social media is an important part of SEO services. This will enable you to establish brand authority and get more prospects. 

User Experience 

User experience is vital in SEO because if your users don’t feel engaged on your website you will face a high bounce rate and lower rankings. 

Pogo sticking is a term that means that users bounce back to search engine results if they are not satisfied with the content or experience on a particular website. This makes it essential to improve user experience using SEO services. 

SEO services will work on your content, site architecture, page speed, crawlability, and navigation to make your page extremely responsive. 


Conversions are leads, emails subscriptions, and sales. Your SEO services should be directed at generating higher conversions for your business. If your website is able to transform more visitors into customers by moving them down the sales funnel, it means that your SEO efforts are working. 

Key Takeaways 

Modern search engine SEO is complex which makes it essential to opt for SEO services from a reliable SEO company. Brandstory is the leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai which follows the latest updates and guidelines of search engines to boost your SERP rankings. Engage your users on your web page by improving content, site architecture, and page speed.