Types of Grab Bars and their relevance in the modern-day bathroom setup

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Grab bars, also known as handrails, shower bars, and safety rails, are available in a wide range of designs and forms for ease of use. In addition to that, these functional units provide a range of functions and powers. They are incredibly advantageous to multiple individuals, including Individuals, carers, and institutions with varied demands. In this regard, there are several sorts of grab bar configurations fitting them better than others.

Straight Bars for Handholds

The simplest grab bar, straight grab bars, are generally modest hand grips or wall-lining safety rails. At addition, these devices are usually permanently installed in key areas.

Grab Bars In An L-Shape

These safety rails extend horizontally from the wall. Afterwards, they’re lowered to the ground and secured in place with a right angle bend. These Shower standing handles are very handy around showers and tubs, since they have the capacity of offering a choice of holding alternatives for entry and departure.

Support Arms

The wall-mounted support arms have a horizontal reach. If you’re using a toilet, tub, or shower chair, you’ll want one of these devices to help you get closer. What makes them particularly beneficial is that the simplest models are affixed to the wall in a fixed place. But when it comes to the rooms or facilities with limited space, you will find that the flip-up variants serve the best. Additionally, they are useful in situations where a fixed arm would obstruct mobility. Flip-up versions’ notable feature is their ability to be stowed discretely.

Support Arms That Can Be Adapted

Institutions that accommodate several people, such as hospitals or assisted care facilities, need the installation of adjustable or “flexible” grab bar systems. The speciality of these versions is that rather than being fastened directly to the wall, the support arms attach to a firmly fixed track. It’s straightforward to modify them horizontally and vertically to satisfy folks of varied heights. As a result, several rooms may be served by a single set of support arm track systems. The fact is that this type of technology is the most cost-effective option for larger establishments. Many contemporary facilities are also equipped with completely adaptable wet rooms with movable, track-mounted grab bars. They are extremely desirable around the sink, toilet, and shower regions. Check here the most well-designed units that will offer high-end support in the wet regions. 

Suction-Mounted Grab Bars

Handbags are occasionally built in the fashion that they employ suction cups to connect to walls and other objects. What makes them unique is that they serve in the shape of the popular solutions in residential bathrooms. Individuals who need a little assistance getting in and out of the bathtub or shower might benefit from these devices. These devices are easy to attach and also adjust rapidly. However, as a wall or track-mounted support arm, they are unable to securely carry weight. But they aren’t good for the weight-bearing capability.

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Grab bars these days can also be positioned diagonally utilizing an anchoring mechanism or studs for allowing easier access at varying grasping heights. When you hire a professional to install your shower bars, you can be confident that these anchoring mechanisms will be included.