Top 3 Reasons to Use High Gloss Laminates for Real Estate Project Entrances

Digital laminates are changing the definition of architectural and interior designing. Such sheets are extremely versatile and can be used for decorating and adding dimensions to almost everything. Royale touche laminates are undoubtedly the best brand available in India regarding digital laminate sheets. Our exclusive range of digital laminates will allow you to decorate your personal, office or commercial space according to your taste and preferences. 

  • Most popular digital laminates

Though indeed, several other materials like wood, stones, marbles or granites can be used for your interior or architectural purposes, laminate sheets can easily beat them for various reasons. They are cost-effective, durable and come in an endless variety. The wide array of textures, colours and finishes available in digital laminates make them apt for use at any set-up. We, at Royale touche also offer customisation so that you do not have to limit your creativity. It does not matter if you prefer a classic style or an edgy style, with numerous laminate designs you can easily achieve your desired look. The most recommended digital laminates include:

  • High gloss laminates
  • Matte finish laminates
  • Coloured laminates 
  • Textured laminates
  • Acrylic laminates
  • Exterior laminates
  • Steps involved in the manufacturing process

Manufacturing of High-Pressure laminate sheets involves quite a few elaborate steps. The requirements are brown kraft papers, phenolic resin and machinery for bonding and compressing. The thin layers of brown papers are soaked into phenolic resins and then air-dried. These dried sheets are then put under the hydraulic press to transform them into a sturdy material. Then decorative papers with different patterns and styles are placed over these hard dried sheets. Finally, the process is finished by applying a thin protective layer of transparent sheet. The thickness of these laminate sheets ranges from 0.6 to 1.5 mm. Layers of brown paper can be added to increase the thickness and make it sturdier. 

Top 3 reasons to use high gloss laminates at the real estate entrance

  • Create grand entrances within a budget

Digital laminates are surfacing materials that can be used on any type of surface for extending their life. Materials like MDF, ply or HDF are laminated with decorative sheets not just to lift their appearance but also for increasing durability. Such durable laminated materials in their high gloss variant are perfect for curating stunning real estate entrances. The architecture of such entrance gates demands to be grand for creating a strong first impression. With decorative digital laminate sheets, it is possible to decorate a large skeleton of the real estate entrance while staying within the budget. High gloss laminates are the perfect choice for building real estate entrances as they reflect a lot of light. Such reflective laminates will give the entrance gate an appealing look which can be spotted even from a distance. Other reflective materials like granite or stones can also be used but for covering such a huge architecture, these will certainly burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, High gloss laminates are a great budget-friendly alternative to these expensive materials. With the use of such laminates, you do not need to limit your creativity to only some classic styles. Rather go ahead and build some unconventional, futuristic styles using high gloss laminates designs.

  • Make those entrance gates weatherproof 

One of the many reasons for digital laminates becoming widely popular is their durability. The main entrance gate of a real estate project will surely be subjected to an extensive amount of environmental stress. Thankfully, laminate sheets are capable of enduring a considerable amount of heat and moisture. So, the scorching sun of summer or the continued downpours of monsoon will barely damage your entrance gate. These laminates can even resist fire to some extent. Moreover, these types of surfacing materials are scratch, stain, wear and tear-resistant. 

  • Minimal maintenance and ease of installation 

Digital laminate sheets will not only make your real estate entrance gate last for years but also extremely easy to maintain. The chances of high gloss laminates getting stained permanently are very low. The smooth surface will not allow any dust to adhere to the surface of the laminated structure making it look clean all the time. When it comes to the installation process, the laminate sheets are known for their easy and quick installation. The sheets are just required to be glued to the surface which can be done with minimum skill and effort. Therefore, it is safe to say that high gloss digital laminates are perfect to use on the entrance gate.