Why The Eureka Ergonomic Sentry RGB with Monitor Shelf Could Be Your Next Great Investment

When gamers invest in structuring the best gaming rig for the most optimal gaming experience, there are many priority purchases to plan for. Ensuring their rig has a good GPU, a CPU, RAM sticks, a well-functioning motherboard, the right voltage power supply unit and of course, all of the peripherals that allow us to interface with the games are expected buys.

But even this isn’t an exhaustive list. For instance, the case that you purchase for your PC components, the CPU cooler you use to retain acceptable temperatures even when playing demanding games, and the chair you sit on are all part of the experience.

More than ever, players are starting to realize the true value of investing in a fantastic desk. Why opt for a cheap option that needs to be replaced yearly when you could easily find a fantastic, well-constructed model that has been designed from the ground up for gamers?

We believe the Eureka ErgonomicSentry RGB with Monitor shelf could be your next best purchase as far as this goes, and there are plenty of reasons as to why. In this post, we’ll discuss the main reason why a desk like this is essential furnishing for any serious gamer.

Style & Statements

The Eureka Ergonomic sentry desk has been designed with both ergonomics and style in mind. The side segments offer futuristic RGB strips that offer full customizability in both brightness and color. Moreover, this desk is officially licensed by Call of Duty®, serving as the perfect aesthetic accompaniment for all of the times you and your crew skydive to find your drop zone over Verdansk.

The metallic desk trim is both sleek and scratch-resistant, meaning it’s durable for everyday use. The premium finish is also supported by a strong, stable and robust design, to eliminate rocking on level flooring. This means that the finish will retain it’s ‘like-new’ quality even after years of use. On top of this is a carbon fibre desk surface that is both waterproof and protects against wear and tear. No longer will spilt drinks leave long-term stains.

Cable Management Comfort

Most PC gamers prefer to spend time managing the cables of their system, and this is much more possible with a desk designed to help with that. Our magnetic cable management tires allow the modular capability of placing your wires neatly; so they’re not visible but can be traced to their source more easily when under the desk.

Maximum Space

Eureka Ergonomic understands that space often comes at a premium. For this reason, increasing your desk space real estate is an important focus of this design. With the two well-supported monitor shelves you will ensure your screens are “out of the way” of your oversized mouse pad and other peripherals you consider important. This can be tremendously valuable for those who stream games or who simply wish for more space at their desk for figures, ornaments, or even to store organizers for files and folders.

Additionally, the build-in headphone hooks ensure that your headset has a neat place for storage between sessions, easily accessed by a plugged-in charging cable.


Perhaps one of the more exciting prospects of this licensed desk is that you can customize it as you like. With the option of an adjustable keyboard tray underneath, you can free the main desk area completely, both free of a keyboard and monitors thanks to these stands working together. As such, the desk is not only suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers alike, but also professionals such as those who need space for MIDI controllers or other professional studio equipment.

The desk comes with four adjustable levelling feet, which means that even if your room’s flooring is slightly uneven or you need to place part of it on carpet, you can adjust its placement and retain a level surface. Not all desks provide this, and so it’s a fantastic extra that increases the options you have for suitable placement in your room.

Ideal For Streamers

We believe this desk is perfectly designed for streamers or would-be content creators. To start with, its RGB is subtle and won’t mess with the white balance of your room as you record yourself reacting to clips or pulling off fantastic headshots.

Second, the monitor stand suitable for two monitors is sturdy and strong, providing the perfect ergonomic alignment when watching the stream. This encourages good posture, helping you game for hours while also feeling more alert.

Its additional accessories like an optional cup holder and the aforementioned headphone holder provide ease of use, and prevent possible spills, while also freeing up more real estate on the desk. This means that mic stands for professional recording mics, stream hardware that allows you to control your scenes, as well as room for oversized mouse pads can all be placed comfortably here. In other words, the desk is subtle in how it provides you support while also giving you a range of options no matter how you prefer your setup to be, or how you change it from month to month.

Final Thoughts

The Eureka Ergonomic Sentry RGB desk, alongside its monitor shelves, remains the perfect set up for any serious gamer, and especially games that demand quick reactions and fantastic observationalskills for success.

We could see accomplished esports professionals making this their desk of choice; and with the official Call of Duty® licensing, you can bet the most prominent game developers agree. That said, the simple yet effective RGB (which can be switched off if necessary), and the sleek, effective, look of the unit means that it could also serve as the perfect desk for studying or remote work during the daytime.

Perhaps now might be the time to invest in an ergonomic desk that provides all you need and more. For all of your gaming desk, chair, and accessory needs, be sure to choose Eureka Ergonomic.