Does the size of the wedding cake matter?

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There must be a chance that because to COVID, just a few guests will be able to attend the wedding. So you can prepare for them. Here, I’ll go through some ideas for wedding cakes you may order for small gatherings. Through a website that offers cake delivery, you can swiftly purchase or bring cake to them. They live in a separate town or nation. You might also bring them other gifts in addition to a wedding cake.  You can order cake from IndiaCakes before you can check indiacakes real or fraud online. What does it mean, therefore, for your wedding cake?

A wedding cake is optional, but is it even necessary?

Naturally, the decision to serve a wedding cake would be completely yours. I would like to think that all couples would still appreciate a wedding cake during their small wedding celebration, not least because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself as a wedding planner.

But the wedding cake cutting, a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages, symbolizes the start of a couple’s wedded life. Furthermore, I think it’s important to maintain these traditions since, after all, who doesn’t like cake?

Does your wedding cake have to be so small?

As a result, a wedding cake for 30 people may only require one or two tiers of cake itself. This is wonderful, however you might want extra “wow” elements for the cake-cutting ritual. Use the internet gateway to carry it out now.

If you just need a little amount of real cake, you may cut some layers off the top to give it additional height. Fake or dummy cake tiers are polystyrene stages that have been designed to seem like real cakes. Nobody on the outside would be able to tell the difference!

Make the cake area seem good

Make the middle of your cake the main attraction. Enhance it! Place it somewhere else than just a corner table with a white tablecloth and a silver dish stand. A cake swing, stunning, tall cake stand, or acrylic plinths might all be used to exquisitely embellish the space. Even if the wedding cake is little in stature, you may truly go all out to make it stand out. Large flower arrangements, neon lights, a swishy, soft-cloth backdrop, and candles are all things to think about.

You’re not limited to having cake

Dessert tables have long been popular at weddings. If you have a smaller wedding, you may take additional effort to make your chosen guests feel very special for being permitted to share your wedding day with you. Why not offer your guests more than just cake, such macarons, sugar cookies, cake popsicles, etc.? They may be arranged on pretty plates and cake stands to create a wonderful feast for the eyes. You could always serve this as the primary dessert rather than the more customary dessert you may have after dinner.

What about the visitors who were unable to attend?

I’m sure that COVID has caused many wedding guests to feel unappreciated and excluded, which is regretfully inevitable given the laws in place at the moment.

If some guests couldn’t come, why not consider giving them some individually wrapped treats? You may choose from a variety of baked goods here, including cake pops, macarons, cookies, and chocolates. They may be customized with your name and wedding date and created to match the theme of your wedding cake so that everyone may feel as though they have been a little part of your celebration, even if they are unable to join you in person.

List of little wedding cake ideas

  • The size gap between cake tiers should be decreased from 2″ to 1″ to provide the impression of height.
  • Include fake levels to heighten the structure.
  • Create the cake space.
  • Consider a dessert buffet rather than just a cake.
  • Do not disregard the guests who could not come.

Following some internet portal surfing, you may choose a cake. Your chosen cake design may be delivered in Bangalore with ease. Additionally, this might be a lovely present for a buddy or cousin whose wedding is coming up. Therefore, you may order or send cake online to friends or family. You can order cake from IndiaCakes online. Before that you can read IndiaCakes reviews online.