Seamless tubes are made using a continuous extrusion process

Seamless tubes are made using a continuous extrusion process where a round billet is placed inside a barrel and heated. As the barrel rotates, molten metal is forced out through a small opening. As the material cools, it forms a cylindrical shape.

A small amount of the original round billet remains, resulting in a very thin wall and a seamless tube. The inner and outer walls of the tube are joined together where they touch, which is the only joint in the product.

Welding, whether it is spot welding or fusion welding, stainless plate flange will create stress lines in the tubes and weld seam. The stress lines will weaken the tubes and reduce their durability. Also, there will be a reduction in the strength of the tubes because the weld will cause the tube to crack and the weld seam will be weaker than the tube. Welding also increases the possibility of defects in the parts.

Welding also adds steps to the manufacturing process, and you will pay additional costs for labor, tooling, and maintenance. If you don’t want to join your tubes using a welding process, then you may want to consider using an extrusion process instead. This will save you time and money.