What would cause a dryer to not turn on?

In some cases, the drum may not have rotated enough to remove the accumulated lint from the lint trap. Another possible cause of an inoperable dryer could be a shorted or burned out wire or component. The dryer motor might require replacing due to age and abuse.

Check the wires that power the timer. A defective dryer timer could cause the unit to shut down or fail to start. Check the door switch for continuity.

A bad door switch could make the dryer not operate. If the timer is still not operating after checking all the above areas and other possible causes, it’s time to my maytag dryer won’t turn on replace the dryer with a new machine. If your dryer does not have a heating element, replace it. This can also help to make your dryer function properly.

The best way to prevent the aforementioned scenarios is to regularly check the lint trap for buildup. To clear lint build up from the lint trap, you must periodically rotate the drum. When your dryer stops working or starts having issues, immediately check the belt and door switch for continuity.