How To Set Up The JBL Soundbar With Samsung TV? 

The design of any soundbar happens to be quite similar to each other. But when it comes to connecting your soundbar to a TV, the setup may differ from others. You will find different options for connecting your soundbars to the TV. Especially if you choose the JBL soundbar, you will see that one can connect the JBL soundbar to the television by using three different methods. Also, it’s wise to research the JBL soundbar price to understand how it will affect your monthly budget once you plan to purchase it. 

Various options to connect the JBL soundbar with Samsung TV

Especially when you are using the soundbar to connect your Samsung television, you need to take the help of these three methods.

Method 1: Using HDMI

The HDMI connection is one of the best options to connect your JBL soundbar to your Samsung television. The reason is the high compatibility. The HDMI connection would work as a two-in-one connection. It was transmitting both the videos and the audio. You need to follow simple steps to connect your JBL soundbar online with your television.

  • Find out the HDMI port on your soundbar
  • Make sure that you insert one of the ends of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port
  • Make sure that you find the HDMI input that is usually present on the back of your television
  • Once you find it, you need to insert the other end of the cable into the pot of your Samsung television
  • Turn on both the soundbar and the television
  • Turn on the HDMI functions on your television

When this process is completed, you will get the audio from the soundbar.

Method 2: Using an optical cable

If you cannot use the HDMI cable, you would have to use the optical cable. It works in the same way, but it is not as compatible as the HDMI cable. You need to connect the JBL soundbar to your Samsung television by following the same method that has been mentioned above. But the only difference between the optical cable and the HDMI happens to be in the quality of transmission. With the help of HDMI transmission, you can receive all the latest audio formats, but in the case of the optical cable, you would not be able to receive the latest audio formats. Hence it is not an ideal option if you want to get the best quality sound.

Method 3: Using Bluetooth

If you want to use the option of Bluetooth while connecting your JBL soundbar with that of the Samsung television, then you need to turn on the Bluetooth device of your soundbar and start connecting it with the television. The Bluetooth connection is not as reliable as that of the other two. It helps transmit the audio, but you would not get the best quality of sound.

Summary: The emergence of the new world of audio equipment has provided the soundbar with the most needed reach. Especially if you can use the soundbar with the television, you would get high-definition sound without delay or compression.  Apart from the optical connection, you can also take the help of HDMI connections. But you cannot compare the HDMI wires with any other options. While you can look for suitable Bluetooth connections, it can annoy you due to the wire. Instead of connecting your JBL soundbar with any Samsung TV, you can do it with your smartphone instead of television. You will find various ways to set up your JBL soundbar with the Samsung TV. This particular guide will help you with these ways. You can receive the best quality sound while watching your television.

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