Top 3 of Ruinart Champagnes

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Ruinart, a prestigious champagne house with a rich history dating back to 1729, is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to producing some of the world’s finest champagnes. With a wide range of exquisite offerings, three standout selections have captured the hearts and palates of champagne enthusiasts worldwide: Dom Ruinart Rosé 2007, Dom Ruinart 2010 and Second Skin Blanc de Blancs. Let’s explore the unique characteristics and undeniable allure of these top-tier Ruinart champagnes.

Dom Ruinart Rose 2007: A Sensuous Symphony of Flavors

If you plan to buy Ruinart wines online, we recommend adding Dom Ruinart Rose 2007 to your list. This true masterpiece represents the epitome of elegance and complexity. Crafted from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this vintage rosé captivates with its enchanting pink hue and fine, persistent bubbles. The nose unveils an aromatic bouquet of red berries, citrus zest and delicate floral notes, inviting anticipation for what lies ahead.

Upon the first sip, Dom Ruinart Rosé 2007 envelops the palate with a symphony of flavors. Ripe strawberries and raspberries dance harmoniously with hints of blood orange and freshly baked pastries, while underlying mineral notes add depth and structure. The champagne’s well-balanced acidity contributes to a crisp, refreshing finish that lingers, leaving a lasting impression of sheer indulgence.

Dom Ruinart 2010: A Timeless Classic With Unsurpassed Finesse

As a testament to Ruinart’s commitment to excellence, this one embodies the quintessence of the house’s winemaking mastery. Crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes sourced from Grand Cru vineyards, this vintage showcases Ruinart’s dedication to producing exceptional Blanc de Blancs champagnes. In the glass, Dom Ruinart 2010 mesmerizes with its golden hue and delicate effervescence. The nose reveals an intricate bouquet of white flowers, citrus zest and subtle hints of brioche. On the palate, the champagne unfolds with finesse, revealing flavors of crisp apples, lemon curd and toasted almonds.

Second Skin Blanc de Blancs: A Groundbreaking Innovation

Breaking the boundaries of tradition, Ruinart introduced Second Skin Blanc de Blancs as an avant-garde expression of their craftsmanship. This groundbreaking innovation presents an eco-friendly alternative packaging, encapsulating the champagne within a sleek and lightweight case, reducing its carbon footprint while preserving the quality and taste. Inside this eco-conscious package lies a champagne of unparalleled distinction. Second Skin Blanc de Blancs showcases the essence of Chardonnay grapes, presenting a luminous pale golden color in the glass. Its delicate bubbles dance on the tongue, revealing vibrant notes of citrus, green apple and a touch of minerality.