BDA Kraken Team Store: Vote Meeting Scheduled for October 19

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The BDA Kraken Team Store, the official fan shop of the Seattle Kraken hockey team, is inviting its members to a voting meeting on October 19, from 2-5 PM at Climate Pledge Arena. The vote meeting is an opportunity for the members to review and approve the tentative agreement that the bargaining team has reached with BDA, the company that operates the store.

What is in the tentative agreement?

The tentative agreement is a result of months of bargaining between the bargaining team, composed of BDA Kraken Team Store members and UFCW 3000 representatives, and BDA management. The agreement includes several improvements and benefits for the members, such as:

  • Increased base wage and retention bonus
  • Guaranteed ORCA and parking benefits
  • Workplace protections including just cause for disciplines
  • Meals are provided at every game
  • Improvement in merch options for members
  • Increased tuition assistance
  • And more!

The full collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will be available for the members to review during the voting meeting.

Why is the vote meeting important?

The vote meeting is a chance for the members to have a say in their working conditions and the future of the store. By voting, the members can show their support and solidarity for the bargaining team and their fellow coworkers. The voting meeting is also a way to celebrate the achievements of the bargaining team and the power of collective action.

The voting meeting is open to all UFCW 3000 members in good standing who work at the BDA Kraken Team Store. Members are encouraged to drop in anytime between 2-5 PM, ask questions, and cast their vote during the designated voting period.

What is next for the BDA Kraken Team Store?

The BDA Kraken Team Store is not only a place to buy merchandise, but also a hub of creativity, passion, and community for the fans of the Seattle Kraken. As the hockey season approaches, the store is preparing for a refresh, and the members’ input and feedback are essential. The store aims to offer a range of stylish jerseys, vintage-inspired apparel, exclusive collector’s items, and more, designed by and for the devoted fans of the Kraken.

The BDA Kraken Team Store is ready to unleash the beast and make this store as remarkable as the team it represents. The vote meeting is a crucial step in that direction, and the members are invited to join in and make their voices heard. Let’s make this store a place where we can all be proud to work and shop!

[UFCW 3000]: The website of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 3000, the union that represents the BDA Kraken Team Store members and other workers in the retail, food, and healthcare sectors.