Instagram aggregator tools – What are they and how to use them!

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Instagram aggregation is one of the smartest ways to leverage your Instagram posts or user-generated Instagram content about your brand or event. By using an Instagram aggregator tool you can easily collect, curate and display posts from Instagram accounts with particular hashtags, mentions, or your handle, and then grow free Instagram followers for your business.

Best Instagram Aggregator Tools 2019

#1 Taggbox

instagram aggregator tools
instagram aggregator tools

Taggbox is one of the most robust Instagram aggregation tool of all times. Amazing themes, compatibility with almost all screen types, web technologies, powerful moderation features, best pricing and 24*7 customer support make Taggbox the most important consideration while choosing a social aggregator tool. 



Juicer is yet another and equally trusted Instagram aggregator which is most trusted by web developers. Good themes, customization options, profanity filters, robust nature, a large number of platforms other than Instagram and smooth user flow makes juicer a should consider option while choosing one from a number of Instagram aggregators. If you want to increase your Instagram followers, Instagram followers tool by Skfollowerpro is the great choice for you. 

#3 Tint

Tint instagram aggregator

The tint is so far the most trusted user-generated content platform which is being recommended by almost everyone who knows and understands about UGC. Cool display themes, smooth user interface, and brand value make tint a must-consider option. 

Instagram Aggregator – The Use Cases

Instagram aggregation is so useful that it can be implemented almost anywhere to increase the engagement; trust factor, or directly the sales! Let’s check out the best possible use cases of Instagram aggregators.

#1 Websites

Instagram aggregators are used by web developers and businesses to increase user engagement on the website. This not only increases the user interaction but increases the session duration of the users; hence decreases the bounce rate and help boost SEO rankings. 

#2 Tradeshows, Conferences, and Other Events

Using an Instagram aggregator to display user-generated Instagram posts on a large digital screen or digital signage solution is an amazing idea to increase audience engagement, brand loyalty and trust factor around your brand, product or service. Imagine you are hosting a brand activation or product launch event, don’t you feel showing real-time user-generated content about your brand or product will help you gain more popularity and trust of your respective customers? 

#3 E-Commerce

Making your aggregated content shoppable on your website is also a great idea to leverage user-generated Instagram content for increasing online sales of your product by increasing the trust and engagement among the audience.

#4 Weddings

Encouraging relatives, friends, and family members to use the wedding hashtag and post on social networks like Instagram is something everyone is doing these days. Displaying all of these posts on a digital screen or projector screen or digital signage solution is an amazing idea to engage the guests during the wedding.

#5 Restaurants

Guests come to your restaurant, order food, click images, and share those images on social networks like Instagram. Don’t you think leveraging this true, real-time user-generated content about your restaurant, food, and ambiance is a good idea? Well, of course, it is!

Displaying these user-generated Instagram posts on a digital screen in your restaurant is an amazing idea to increase the popularity and social interactions!

#6 In-Store Displays

Whether you own a fashion boutique or salon, using an Instagram aggregator tool to display real-time user-generated. Content from Instagram about your brand and products is always a great idea; to increase trust among the customers and to increase in-store sales. 

Take Away:

Instagram aggregators are an amazing tool to encourage, collect, curate, and display Instagram feeds from various hashtags; handles on a single digital screen with amazing themes and customization options. Don’t wait, choose one from the best Instagram aggregators and increase the engagements, trust factor, and business like a pro!