Foods that increase fertility

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Foods that increase fertility: Is it possible to improve and increase fertility with food? Or, conversely, can she be harmed by eating the wrong foods? I answer yes to both questions, even on the basis of my own experience. Of course, in both positive and negative cases, food does not work immediately, but on the basis of long-term action.

Their effect on fertility is due to what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other substances contain or do not contain. It is therefore a natural action based on biological reactions.

Foods that increase fertility

At the same time, fertility refers to specific areas, such as sperm production, increasing their agility, or improving their quality. In all these areas, the food you consume is much more important than you can imagine.

Foods to improve fertility

Fertility is greatly affected by several categories of food, whether different types of seeds, oils, vegetables or fruits. Many of them help not only male fertility try Fildena, but also female fertility, many even affect potency and erection in men.

Here are the best Foods that increase fertility:

Pumpkin and flax seeds

Seeds are a very good source of various minerals and substances that stimulate the hormonal system. For example, flaxseeds support hormonal balance and progesterone production. Pumpkin seeds are important for men as a source of zinc and magnesium. Zinc has a positive effect on spermatogenesis, while magnesium supports the prostate.

Fish and seafood: Foods that increase fertility

Fish and seafood, which are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and the zinc mineral, certainly have a positive effect on fertility. I especially recommend fish such as salmon, sardines and herring. Oysters and shrimps are also suitable. But be careful not to overdo it, many fish increase the levels of dioxins and biphenyls.

Oils: Foods that increase fertility

I definitely recommend oils to improve fertility for both men and women. In addition to supporting fertility, coconut oil also has antibacterial and antiviral effects. Flaxseed oil, like seeds, is a good source of beneficial omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. If you use fish oil, make sure that it is as clean as possible without various additives.


Honey is known primarily to support immunity, but it also has a sense of s*xuality and especially of fertility. It contains essential amino acids, trace elements and enzymes that support male and female fertility. In addition, it has another bonus for the female reproductive system in the form of support for the healthy functioning of the fallopian tubes.

Avocado: Foods that increase fertility

Avocado oil nutrition facts are well known and is a great natural remedy for male and female fertility. This tropical fruit is a great source of unsaturated fatty acids and supports the fertility of both men and women. In women it improves egg production and helps regulate ovulation, in men it has an effect on spermatogenesis.

Spinach and other leafy vegetables

Spinach not only contains a lot of iron, but it is also important for potency and fertility. It contains folic acid, which is important for the healthy production of eggs and sperm, while during pregnancy it protects the neural tube of the fetus from defects. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps increase vitality. The same goes for other leafy vegetables.

Spice: Foods that increase fertility

Several types of spices help increase and promote fertility. Turmeric is suitable for women to promote progesterone and to detoxify. Fenugreek and ginger are well-known natural aphrodisiacs with a supportive function for the kidneys. I personally recommend bear’s garlic, vanilla and cinnamon, which stimulate the physical senses.

Garlic: Foods that increase fertility

Yes, these aromatic vegetables known to all have positive and stimulating effects on the love system of men and women. It helps regulate hormone levels, Selenium also contains vitamin B6 and in men it also improves potency, blood flow to the reproductive system and also fertility.

Black sesame: Foods that increase fertility

My last tip for super food to support fertility is black sesame. I recommend its consumption especially to women, to what extent, in addition to supporting fertility, it has an effect on menstruation, and specifically it alleviates excessive menstrual bleeding and bleeding during pregnancy.

These foods are a threat to your fertility

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are not only foods beneficial to fertility, but also those that reduce it and which should be avoided. To remember them better, just know that what is unhealthy for your body, in general, is also unhealthy for your fertility.

These are the ones you should avoid the most:

Artificially processed food: One of the major problems for the healthy functioning of the reproductive system, including spermatogenesis, is food with artificial processing. These are different types of canned, chilled, or frozen semi-finished products that contain a lot of salt, fat, and sugar.

Dairy products

Several dairy products from cow’s milk, especially cheese, are negative not only for fertility, but also for potency and blood circulation. They contain too many saturated fatty acids, but also various growth hormones and antibiotics.

Cakes and pastries

If possible, replace white whole meal flour, which is especially true for pastries and cakes. All white refined foods are a great burden not only for the digestive system, but also for the hormonal system and also for the cardiovascular system. This is also reflected in the quality of the functioning of the reproductive system.

Carbonated drinks

A typical dietary problem is also the consumption of carbonated drinks, drinks containing a lot of sugar and drinks containing artificial sweeteners. Diet drinks are even the biggest delusion, because at first glance they have a reduced sugar content, but they contain even worse synthetic sweeteners.

Caffeine in all its forms

The problem is not only sweetened and carbonated drinks, but also caffeine. Although coffee or strong tea recommended increasing libido, recently there has been talked of caffeine associated with low fertility. Forget chocolate and other typical stimulants as well.