Employee Time Tracking App- Anywhere and Anytime

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Employees are an asset to any company or organization. They are the driving force behind the smooth running of the company or business. Therefore it is important to monitor and influence the employees in order to enable them to put their best foot forward when they come for work. This can be done through a few managing principles that help employees increase their productivity. If you are an entrepreneur then it is essential for you to monitor your employees. This can be the changing the work structure or the work organization for the employees.

Here in this article we will share with you six tips that will help you to track and record your employee activities and help them to increase their productivity.

When it comes to managing employees , it should not be so difficult to boost their morale and help them increase their productivity. These tactics can help you influence and motivate your employees. You can do this by installing and using an employee monitoring system in which their tasks and activities can be monitored and recorded.

Here are the benefits of using a task and time tracking app.

Easy Geofence based time tracking:

When you use a time tracking app such as Field Force Connect, you enable your employees to record their activities in the app or time tracking system and get aware of the activities that your employees do. This helps you to satisfy yourself with the work that your employees are doing. This also helps you to be aware of where your employees are spending their time during work hours so that you get the overall picture of your employees’ work culture.

This geofence-based time tracking app works wonders to record and track your employee’s activities that they put to work. Firstly they have to punch in and punch out of the system as soon as they report to work. They are able to create various tasks as well as deadlines for the tasks. Employees are also able to record their daily activities so as to update and keep everyone in the team aware of who is doing what activities.

Better task management through the app

Your employees will be better able to record their task activities in the app. Doing this will help them to keep a track of all the things that they do on a daily basis. It also helps them to keep the team aware and updated with the status of their activities and its progress that is happening on them. Using a task management app like field force connect will empower them to perform all activities dutifully and diligently.

They will be able to keep a track of all their daily activities with their managers and supervisors in the loop so that they can be aware and updated on employee activities. Task management has one more benefit and that is they will learn the habit of inputting and subdividing the tasks or activities. This helps them to concentrate on smaller goals or tasks and helps them to achieve these smaller goals in view to accomplish the bigger goal or task.

Access from anywhere and anytime

This is the bonus bit that helps employees record their activities from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for them. All that they need to access the system is an internet-connected laptop or desktop computer or smartphone that has a data pack enabled and they are good to go. This field force connects app records and stores all the user’s data in a central location from where it can be accessed via any medium. All of your employee’s data remains safe and secure in centralized locations. You are able to access your data whenever and wherever you want to access it.

The robust employee communication system

We have integrated a robust and rugged employee communication system into the field force connect app. Using this your employees can communicate with peers, supervisors, colleagues, and bosses whenever they want. This communication system works similar to instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and messenger. This system works in real-time and messages are instantly delivered to its recipients. This system also works flawlessly for group chats where the same messages delivered to multiple recipients.

24/7 support:

Field force connect provides you with free 24/7 support and you can easily avail of this support system. Any issue that you may have can be resolved and answered using our 24/7 support system that is provided to all subscribers for free. You can avail of email, telephone, and chat support systems that run 24/7 for you.

Free demo:

If you want to use field force connect then you can contact us and book your free demo. Simply contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com with your requirements.