The Most Essential Spirits You Need in Your Home Bar

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. Even if things are coming back to normal, many people still prefer staying at home. So, if you’re also avoiding hanging out at your favorite local bar then possibly it’s time to set up your dream home bar. Whether you already have a mini home bar or you’re planning to set up a new one, creating and maintaining a home bar is no small task. Once you figure out your budget and space, the next crucial step is to stock up home bar essentials. From glassware and bar tools to shakers and cocktail recipe books, a lot of things are needed to create your personal bar. However, of all the things, the most crucial is stocking premium-quality spirits.

A well-stocked home bar allows you to entertain guests, as well as practice your mixology hobby. However, whether you want to make some of the most popular cocktails or want to sip your favorite red wine, stocking your bar with basic spirits is a must. To stock your home bar with the right spirits and liquor, you can either mimic a professional bar or choose to customize your selection based on what you drink. It is always best to collect spirits based on your taste preferences. However, diversifying your collection is also a good idea to ensure that you have something for your guests also. With that in mind, here we’ve listed some of the best booze bottles that every home bar should be stocked with.


When stocking up your home bar, you can never miss vodka. It is one of the most used alcohols in cocktails than any other type of spirit. This versatile spirit is also available at varying price ranges to suit almost every budget. You can choose bottles from many good brands of vodka and try to get at least two different types of vodka.  The clean, transparent flavor of Vodka makes it the perfect choice for cocktails bloody Mary or martini. You can also go for flavored vodka or citrus and vanilla vodkas to diversify your bar. you can also read the wine conservation guide here.


Gin is another must-have for every home bar. Not everyone is a fan of gin but still having a bottle of gin in your home bar is a good idea, regardless of your personal preference. A bottle of a versatile London dry gin is the right choice for a dry martini and tonics. This home bar-friendly liquor is popular for gin and tonics. It is infused with the richness of juniper and other botanical ingredients that go through traditional distillation techniques.

Whiskey (Bourbon, Rye, and Scotch)

When it comes to stocking up the best booze, nobody can ever forget whiskey or whisky. The whiskey is available in different styles and each subcategory of whiskey has its distinct flavor profile and attributes. The main types are bourbon, rye, and Scotch. From all these options, it can be tricky to pick a single whiskey bottle for your bar. So, you can start by getting one bottle of each. The bottles of bourbon and blended rye whiskey are the best for the classic like Old-fashioned and Manhattans. Bourbon is for those who prefer sweet whiskey while Rye is a spicy one.