Virtual Events: How to Generate Leads from Online Event

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Everyone has been a part of the online event at least once in a lifetime. Whether you have attended a university fair, a networking fair, job fair, expo, or a professional conference. With the change in trends, virtual events have evolved rapidly as we entered a digital age. The need of an hour demands to leverage virtual hybrid events for accelerating business leads and revenues.

The ways of organizing events and carrying out day to day activities have been revamped with the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic had impacted our daily lifestyles as no one has ever imagined. The fundamental change in the way how the world works is foreseen in the future too. With the change in ways of organizing events, an upsurge in online event platforms has been noted in the year 2020. Undeniably, virtual events and hybrid events are here to stay.

Prior to the pandemic, companies have an effective strategy to generate leads and foster business connections. With the change in times, the strategy to accumulate new business leads have been flipped completely. As events have been pivoted to virtual venues, strategies for generating business leads have been drastically transposed. Today, online event planners and marketers are leaving no stone unturned to scout creative strategies to achieve their goals.

Organizations have reinvented their strategies in the forage of business leads and to bring a new clientele to the table. As companies have turned to virtual hybrid events, they are creating virtual event strategies to keep pipelines filled.

Pandemic or no pandemic, large and small-scale virtual events are paving the way for organizations to expedite lead generations. With each passing day more and more organizations are transiting to virtual venues to reap the benefits of virtual events. 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events in 2021

Generating amplified business leads is vital for business growth and revenues. In this blog, we have discussed a brief overview of how your online event helps in generating quantum leads.

Have massive outreach

Enhanced reach is one of the core benefits of virtual events. Events organized in virtual venues can accommodate an uncountable number of attendees irrespective of geographical locations. Stakeholders who can not make it to the live physical event can now easily partake virtually at their convenience. Virtual events allow you to attract the potential global audience with greater outreach. It helps in creating a niche for your business thus resulting in yielding more qualified business leads. Selecting the right virtual event platform that best caters to your event needs is sure to boost your event attendance. However, resulting in generating a  pool of leads.

Accelerates the sales funnel in a shorter time span

Attendees at virtual events are exposed to the offerings showcased by the brand or organization. They can access the demonstration, have conversations, ask their queries, undergo negotiations, and make purchase decisions. All these activities are done within a couple of minutes. It would have taken weeks if done with live physical events. However, virtual events shorten the sales cycle by accelerating the sales funnel significantly.

As virtual events demand pre-event registrations, visitors attending the event qualify themselves long before the event date. However, attendees attending your virtual event is the first step towards accelerating the sales funnel.

Works as a marketing channel

Virtual events offer endless possibilities for any business or enterprise to grow and flourish. If the aim of your event is to reach a wide spectrum of attendees, setting an event without any registration costs will work well. It enables you to enhance your event presence with maximized attendance and enkindles your leads.

However, you can even plan to charge a fee and keep your virtual hybrid event gated as per your requirements. A comprehensive virtual event platform that offers the feature of access management enables you to create exclusivity for your event. It allows you to give special access to registered VIP attendees for specific content. As a result, it helps in fostering additional revenues along with delivering value to your attendees.

Deliver information via engaging and informative content

Real-time communications hold its significance as it delivers value. It holds its place while having professional interactions as well. Integrating live videos, tweets, etc. during your virtual events is becoming immensely popular as it delivers value to attendees. Virtual events enable attendees to have real-time interactions via live chats, social sharing, virtual networking tables, and so on. However, resulting in fostering meaningful connections and generating leads.

Captures the valuable data to track leads

A post-event analytics report helps in measuring the performance metrics of an event. Having an estimate of real-time interactions and figuring out the most engaging hotspots is only possible with virtual events. A comprehensive virtual event platform tracks the valuable data and KPIs from start till the end of the event. It helps in keeping a track of:

  • Registrations
  • Number of attendees attending an event
  • Keeps a track of the number of views, shares, and downloads
  • Number of ongoing interactions
  • The volume of transactions performed
  • Attendees who dropped amid sessions
  • No. of booths they visited and so on.

Having clear statistics helps in gaining an insight into what elements did not perform well in the event and need to be worked on for future events. The post-event report analytics offered by the platform helps in evaluating the number of leads generated.

Virtual events have an extended time span

When compared to live physical events, virtual events stay in the mind of attendees for a longer duration. The brilliant thing about the virtual event is, the engagement with the event continues even after the event ends. Virtual events are accessible on-demand even after the actual event date. It enables attendees to consume your event content for a much longer duration thus enhancing the possibilities of generating valuable leads.

Final word

Virtual events offer endless possibilities for generating qualified leads. If you have not yet thought about going virtual, think about it and stand a chance to convert your valuable prospects into qualified leads.