Bulk Solutions Provides the Highest Quality CNAM with Free RoboCall Mitigation

CNAM is short for Caller ID Name, and makes it easy to identify who is calling and with our Free RoboCall Mitigation spot potential spoofers and scammers.

When you receive a call, you can see any information related to the number on the caller display. However, it’s possible for caller information to be masked or hidden, meaning you answer not knowing who it might be. We certainly know the feeling of frustration when this happens, and it’s a telemarketer, scammer, or robot on the end of the line, wasting your time or your employees’ time, and blocking the line for those who may actually need it.

Integrating with our CNAM Lookup solution gives you back control! Think of it like gaining the ability to unmask a mystery caller. We offer the ability to look up Caller ID from databases responsible for this data, and even to identify possible scammers and robocalls directly.

Our CNAM Caller ID Name Service information comes directly from the sources responsible for the data – the Tier 1 voice carriers in the US. This makes us more accurate and reliable than services relying on external databases for results.  Our RoboCall mitigation service is included at no extra cost to provide you with more security! Every CNAM DIP is checked with our RoboCall mitigation algorithm, classifying calls as robots, spam, or fraud and displaying warnings on the display field.

Bulk Solutions is proud to provide the highest quality CNAM responses in the industry!

And what’s more – we offer support and guidance to help you fully understand the potential with CNAM and how you can benefit from it.

Through our portal, it’s easy to configure CNAM, and we’re on hand to provide support any time you need it – get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

After having integrated with our API, you can then query our system in order to return Caller ID information on incoming calls. You can additionally set up robocall mitigation to identify numbers that have been identified as spoofers, scammers and robots, choosing a label to display when these calls arrive to warn you.

We also provide a clear overview of your CNAM log, so you can keep track of all information in one easy-to-access location.

We support all telecommunication CNAM methods:






In addition to seeing the detailed and accurate CNAM Caller ID information, our CNAM service also allows you to manage the Caller ID Names for your own numbers. Our online portal gives you easy access and control to be able to edit your Caller ID names whenever you need.  For any numbers that you have with Bulk Solutions, including off net numbers, you are able to edit and control the information in the CNAM Database.

Try the CNAM solution major VOIP carriers in the industry are using and trust.