The Range of Kubota U Series Excavators

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Kubota is well known for its wide range of conventional and zero tail-swing excavators. The company is famous for its mini-sized excavators that are less than 5 tons weight and this U series comes with zero tail swing models. 

It’s an extensive lineup that comes with unmatched 360-degree maneuverability. So, if you’re looking to take on a tough job in a tight space, this U series by Kubota is the best pick. The U series excavators offer high quality performance and unmatched durability. With two-variable pumps, the excavator engine distributes an accurate amount of hydraulic oil flow to each actuate for the boom, arm, bucket, and swivel giving you high performance digging and dozing at the same time. Kubota excavators are the most popular on the market for the small and mid-range sizes, and are a popular choice for fleets of excavator hire machinery.

Following are some of the unique features of the U series excavator by Kubota 

Powerful and well balanced

U-series excavators have got powerful engine that will help you in digging faster in the most congested conditions. The engine delivers powerful breakout force so you can get the job done faster. The Kubota engine is famous for outstanding reliability and maximum digging performance. 

Zero tail swing

The U series excavators come with feature of zero tail-swing. This keeps the tail of the excavator within the tracks so you can turn 360 degrees without having to worry what’s next to or behind you. 


These machines are versatile without a doubt. The operator can select between the two-pattern selection system and you can switch between ISO and SAE pattern. Some of the models in this series have a feature of extendable tracks. With such, it offers stability and at the same time they can easily fit through narrow pathways. So, if you’re looking for flexibility in functions, look no further. 

No matter what type of job at hand, this series has increased hydraulic pump capacity and this give you a boost at job with advanced variable displacement pumps. 

Some models have convenient thumb-operated switch on the lever allowing you for easily flow control for the auxiliary circuit. With rocker switch you can easily switch between AUX2 and swing function. 


Special emphasis has been made to enhance the overall comfort for the operator. Greater leg room with full suspension seat will reduce the fatigue during long hours work. With integrated digital panel give you all the controls and functions at your fingertips. For your convenience and comfort, these excavators have 2-speed travel switch so it gives you enhanced control while traveling.  

Ease of service

These machines require only of routine maintenance steps and in case you feel a need to call some mechanic, the maintenance features are easily accessible. All the consolidated components are at one side which you can easily access during daily servicing checks. Some models have integrated travel motor hoses which not only reduce downtime but also increase durability.

The position of boom cylinder and bushings are adjusted to increase the product life and prevent damage during service life. The upper track rollers are permanently lubricated preventing them from hitting the frame, reducing noise and wear. For more information on the Kubota U Series Excavators, you can visit the Scoop Hire website.