Voice Broadcasting Software the Effective Low-Cost Far-Reaching Telemarketing Tool

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Telemarketing is far more effective compared to email or advertising. You reach out to targets and get to know immediately their decision, leading to higher conversions. However, the downside is that it can cause annoyance. It is also expensive when you factor in cost of employees engaged in calling targets and the rates for calls. It must be done in real time, one call after the other. It can be long drawn out if you have thousands of targets to call. All these shortcomings can be overcome simply by switching to voice broadcasting software.

Voice broadcasting solution

The voice broadcasting solution is a simpler, easy to use remedy for telemarketing minus its shortcomings. You can plug it into your existing IP PBX or call center software set up with IVR and get going in just a day. The voice broadcast software usually bundles in SMS broadcast too so you have a double-barrel gun at your disposal. This is how the voice broadcast software works:

  • Incorporate the solution into your existing VoIP communication setup and link with the IVR – vendor takes care of that.
  • Pick a list of numbers to be called from your CRM. You can filter them according to location, demographics, age, gender, language and so on and schedule the software to send out message in that language at a select time convenient to residents in a geographic location.
  • Record your voice message or use text to speech facility
  • Schedule IVR-voice broadcast and set it to go at a defined time.
  • At that time the software switches on and sends out hundreds of voice messages in just a few minutes certainly way faster than what telemarketing can achieve.
  • You can follow it up with the text message delivered through SMS broadcast.

The software features trunk/gateway management and call routing as well as campaign management, lead management and week off mode along with DNC control, and answering machine detection. Call can be routed to playback, IVR or external number. All the while you have real time monitoring through the dashboard and you can generate reports in real time. The voice broadcast software can manage 1000 concurrent calls. Further, should you have branch offices you can opt for the multi-tenant model, each branch being able to monitor call costs and balance in their account as well as set up their own CRM, schedules and reports? You can fine tune text to voice messages. If an answering machine responds, one message is delivered. If a human picks up the call, another message is delivered.

Just to be on the safe side, your message should also include opt out option in which case that number goes into your DNC registry.

What next?

The call goes out and it is received and heard by the target. What next? Called party is given the option to press a certain key to, say, talk to an agent, more information or place an order. Depending on action taken you segregate responses received into databases such as leads for follow up or order execution or route call to a live agent to handle the called party. Equally, the called party may cut off the voice call but may respond to the subsequent SMS by pressing the phone number link for a missed call. This goes into a separate database and you can prioritize callbacks based on the response.

Your agents could spend a whole day generating a few leads. The voice broadcast solution can get you that many or more leads within the hour—ideal if you are pushing time-limited festive season offers, for example.

How does voice broadcast benefit you?

Rather than outsource telemarketing to call centers you can set it up in-house and target potential customers in any part of the world and send out messages in the language of that region and at times convenient for targets.

Your employees not spend hours calling people, a frustrating experience which can be tiring too. Instead, they handle only customers who want to be called, with higher chances of conversion – proving to be highly satisfactory.

Telemarketing calls are forgotten. Voice messages and SMS reside in the user’s device to be referred to and acted upon later – persistence can lead to better outcomes in future.

You can dream up a campaign and set it up within the hour and by the next day, all targets have received your message – something telemarketing will find a challenge. This is just great for time-limited offers you wish to push to existing customers and new customers.

Systematic control over the entire process flow with outcomes at your fingertips on your dashboard — you do not wait for agents to furnish reports. Real-time analytics means you can modify campaigns on the fly. There is a lot more you can do besides telemarketing once you have the voice broadcast software in your marketing arsenal. It costs less and more than pulls its weight.

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