Essential Website Design Elements Every Business Website Should Have

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Today, you must have a perfect website, or else you risk losing out on traffic and customers. An ineffective Business Website hampers the business. That’s why you should revisit your website’s design yourself or with help.

There is a website designing company in India which provides the ultimate solution for building a website. Here are the 10 essential elements of a good website:

1. Identify your goals

Setting a goal is essential. Think like a customer and jot down the queries to figure out the kind of website you want to design and the outcomes you expect from that web

Recognizing your goals and then plan a strategy according to those goals is the first step. Niche, name, logo, title, and the tagline of your website depend upon the required goals.

2. Clear site navigation

Having clear site navigation helps your people easily locate what they are looking for. It even helps search engines index your web pages easily and efficiently. Every important page of the website must be directly linked to the home page. Any page of the website must not be 2 clicks distant from your website’s home page.

3. Crafting the perfect home page

One of the most surprising facts about generating traffic on a website is that your website should have the potential to impress the customer within the first 10 seconds. Recheck your logo, promo messages, taglines, and also the first paragraph of the home page to be extra cautious. You can even contact agencies that offer various best digital marketing services for this.

4. Mobile-friendly version

Over 60% of customers prefer opening websites on their smartphone devices. As a result, maximum leading websites are designed to be ready to connect to this majority of people. Responsive web design acts as the perfect solution to do so as the design shows the web content well without considering the type of device.

5. Importance of  ‘about us’

Although it seems irrelevant, it is quite beneficial to talk more about your company. Customers tend to connect directly with the company if it finds the “about us” page reliable. You should attractively present your information on this page.

6. Content is king

There is no substitute for high-quality content. Whether you talk about marketing techniques or about delivering the necessary information to visitors, good quality content is a must. High-quality content makes the customer more likely to know about your business and buy your products.

7. Excellent visual design

Aesthetic design and interesting visuals further impress your visitors. Creative web designs and a fascinating style stands apart from the rest. The technique of using attractive templates in web designing echoes your brand and also successfully catches the attention of your visitors.

8. Powerful CMS and backend infrastructure

Digital marketing services such as SEO friendly CMS is one of the most important things to make your website rank right at the top. The platform on which your website is built constructs a huge impact on its usability, performance and how easily you can update the content of your website while being user-friendly.

9. Tracking of conversions

Some web designers do not track their visitor’s activities or the sales from the website. Not only can you assess the marketing strength of your website but also have an estimated cost required to gain more visitors.

The top 5 web design companies in India:

  • Techmagnate
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Protonshub Technologies
  • PageTraffic Inc
  • Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.


Whatever the size of the company, you will require a basic website that would capture potential leads and make your product known to the world. There are several different styles, themes, fonts and colours to choose from, so designing a good website is a top priority.