Comparative Study of 4-Inch Folding Mattresses in Singapore

1. Introduction

The foldable mattress has become quite popular in Singapore. For example, some residents may find that a wall bed is quite heavy and the installation of a piston can be subject to failure. Moreover, the cost of purchasing a wall bed can be relatively high. They often consider the 4 inch mattress that can be folded into 3 parts. Such mattresses could be stored under a bed or behind the sofa. Other people buy such mattresses for use when guests come to their house for a family cocktail party or dinner. This work intended to compare the mattresses’ properties before purchasing one for a residence.

The use of mattresses in the living room floor has become quite popular in Singapore. The small apartment or study room space may not have sufficient space for the storage of a mattress. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal as a minimalist storage idea seems to attract people to such foldable mattresses. The present study compared a few brands of 4-inch foldable mattresses by using some objective type tests and visual inspections. The intention of the paper is to recommend some mattresses based on the foldable and comfortability properties. The target audience could be those people who would like to buy easy-to-store mattresses for home use.

1.1. Background and Significance

The secret of ending a successful day is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Whether you are out on a picnic or camping, the quality of sleep can be improved with the help of a comfortable 4 inch folding mattress. However, there are so many options available and it is important to buy wisely. This will lead to a high-quality product. Moreover, there are many brands that offer 4 inch mattresses Singapore. It is therefore important to compare their features in order to purchase the best product. In most studies, one important aspect of a good mattress is the softness of the mattress. In addition, the material and thickness of the mattress are also crucial. This study aims to compare different brands of 4-inch mattresses available in Singapore. After examining the products, firefighters, campers, hikers or the actors of Hollywood will have a clearer idea when considering a mattress if these points are the most critical. And they can have a wonderful night’s sleep after an exhausting day.

2. Types of 4-Inch Folding Mattresses

Polyfoam It cushions better than the firm padding and cotton batting types to support the weight of a teenager or average-sized adult during long hours of games, chat, or relaxation. When sitting, the polyfoam gives a firmer feeling and is able to support the body weight comfortably for hours. When lying, it will be overlapping slightly when the weight is distributed on the foam which gives a more enhanced and firmer feeling and comfort. 4 inch mattress singapore Suitable for your relaxation, entertainment, and sleep and is used as an emergency bed for children.

Cotton Batting Provides more comfort as compared to firm padding type. The backside is cushioned with a certain thickness of cotton batting that is more comfortable than the firm padding and able to give the adults a little more comfort on the back. The weight of these 2 types is about the same which makes it suitable to be used by friends, children, and adults for a few hours of games, chats, or relaxation. When lying, the cotton batting gives a slightly softer feeling as compared to the firm padded type as it is widely spaced. It is suitable to be used for daily relaxation, light entertainment, and occasional sleep.

Firm Padding The most affordable type but provides the least comfort among the 3. The backside is usually made up of a harder material and is less comfortable to lean or sit on. The adult would be able to feel the hard flooring when lying or sleeping on the back. It may give the children a little more comfort during play as they are light and small. It may be used when you are looking for affordability options.

2.1. Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam and viscoelastic foam that is soft and sensitive to body heat. They will conform to the body shape, decrease pressure points, and transfer the mattress warmer. The mattress can quickly return to its original shape. It can even return to the shape closer to its original without any depressions due to the accumulation of body weight or pressure points over the years, which improves the mattress durability. Another benefit of using a memory foam mattress is it reduces the use of natural materials, prevents contamination by allergens, and prevents worsening for those who have an allergy. However, off-gassing is another concern when it is first used or has to change due to side effects that have irritated users’ respiratory systems, eyes, and nose.

The folding mechanism depends on the foam mattress thickness, firmness, and the user’s strength or tactics. There are often designs or in-built handles for users to grip, restrict movement, or a non-folding bottom. Premature mattresses are thin foam mattresses used for bedridden patients and require someone else to assist in folding. These foam mattresses often come with waterproof vinyl covers. They will be water, urine, and spill-proof with a barrier to block food and other particles from penetrating inside the mattress. It is easier to clean the cover than the mattress. However, the vinyl layer may cause the mattress to heat and gas more than the foam mattress that has a cotton cover. Therefore, a waterproof mattress cover is used during a toddler’s stage.

Latex mattresses have higher air porosity than memory foam. The air can circulate, dissipate the heat, and generate cool mattresses, which make it the best mattress for hot sleepers. It is naturally hypoallergenic, resists dust mites, mold, and mildew. Mattresses will not be contaminated by allergens even years after their use, which also makes them the best mattress if the user has an allergy. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable. In terms of durability, it can be more durable than high-density foam. However, it is heavier and more expensive. High-density foam mattresses are similar to foam mattresses with a higher cost for using higher quality foam. A layer is thinner or an additional layer will be added to allow the mattress to dissipate heat or create cooling properties where it is supposedly claimed to have better airflow and cool sleep. Infants and young children mattresses can withstand the weight load of adults.

Foam mattresses are the most common and value for money. There is a variety in foam mattress bearing different name labels such as polyurethane foam, rebond foam, latex foam, high-density foam or memory foam mattresses. Polyurethane foam mattresses are the most commonly sold. They have specific points that can make one better than another: the firmness, thickness, density, durability, weight, porosity, additional layers used in the mattresses, hypoallergenic properties, and different country certifications according to product usage. Different country certifications will specify use for infants, children, or adults. Japan has a standard which disallows the use of organic compounds and certain inorganic compounds. A Japanese baby product will be encrypted with a green and yellow logo to indicate safety.

2.2. Spring Mattresses

While spring mattresses offer great breathability due to the space within, it makes the springs more prone to dust mites and mold. Although the springs found in an innerspring mattress tend to be more resistant to sagging than other types of mattresses, they still have a shorter lifespan compared to high-quality foam or latex mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses come in a range of firmness, with lower spring counts providing a softer-than-average mattress, and higher spring counts providing a denser, firmer-than-average mattress. The innerspring system typically uses either the Bonnell or the pocketed coil system. The Bonnell system is the oldest and most common coil, in which hourglass-shaped springs are knotted at both ends, compressing the spring system when the weight is applied. In a pocketed coil mattress, each coil is separately wrapped and encased in a fabric pocket allowing each coil to act independently, providing improved motion isolation.

With the many sellers available in the market, choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task. There are several established brands having a wide range of affordable to high-end mattresses. A single, but popular vendor in Singapore, Sealy, offers a wide range of mattresses coated with latex and memory foam, catering to the needs of sleepers who require different levels of firmness.

A spring mattress consists of a support system made of steel springs or coils, covered with layers of padding, as well as upholstery material for added comfort. The innerspring in a spring mattress consists of coil springs, each placed inside the other, wrapped in a layer of padding, helping to absorb body weight at the same time reducing wear and tear on the mattress. The quality of a spring mattress largely depends on the number of springs and the amount of padding used. The more springs and padding there are, the more comfortable the mattress would be, providing better support and body contouring. This ultimately helps to reduce the pressure and the temptation of tossing and turning at night.

3. Features and Characteristics

3.1 Cover Material One of the fundamental differences between the mattresses selected for study is the material of the mattress cover. The material would determine the comfort, permeability, and kit of the mattress. A fabric cover would keep the mattress cool and provide a soft and suitable surface for the user to rest upon. Fitness enthusiasts may prefer a thermo-regulating smart fabric cover to prevent themselves from getting too hot while sleeping on the mattress, especially after vigorous exercise. The hypoallergenic fabric cover is, however, preferred by users with a history of skin allergies.

There are a number of 4-inch folding mattresses available for sale in Singapore, and with similar descriptions and functions, the consumer may be hard pressed to decide which is the best mattress that they should purchase. In light of the huge variation in prices, the consumer would need information to guide them in determining if a particular mattress is overpriced or even underpriced. It is the objective of this research to provide information about 4-inch folding mattresses through a comparative examination of these products.

3.1. Portability and Storage

More often than not, a 4-inch foam mattress will provide more portability than a 6-inch pocket spring type, considering the higher weight and larger storage dimensions it has. This is not always the case, however, as one pocket spring option weighed 1 kg lighter, collapsed to a smaller height and thus was easier to carry than the foam options explored in Lil’ J’s study. The folding edge of the L72″ x W36″ x H4″ option may have been applied more successfully to convert yet another space-saving, space-doubly efficient, space-utilizing option. When you’re not sleeping on it, fold it into a bench, and the extra seating accommodates that additional visitor you may have over. The folding L74″ x W37″ x H4″ inch foam alternative, lighter than most at 5.8 kg, collapses small enough to fit into most modern furniture like TV consoles and storage benches.

4. Benefits and Drawbacks

Drawbacks: – Softness: The majority of folding mattresses are soft and flexible. However, most owners agree that it is thin and firm for the body. The mattress cannot be too soft as it is not poised on the hard support of the floor. When the material cannot support the body, body aches and numbness may occur, causing discomfort for the users.

Benefits: – Foldability: The folding feature of 4-inch folding mattresses is important in terms of storage space and transportation. When folded, it is easy to store in the wardrobe, under the bed, or behind the sofa in the living area. When folded, it can be transported using a car without excessive struggle. – Multi-Function Use: The majority of 4-inch folding mattresses are designed to be used as a bed mattress, sofa bed, or footrest. It can be placed flat in the living hall to function as a sofa bed, folded into a seat and locked for daily use, and transformed into a footrest to rest feet. The majority of the designs are casual and contemporary to adapt to modern living. – Lightweight: 4-inch mattresses are lighter than futons and can be rearranged according to the task and the number of people involved in the activity (e.g., putting up guests or just lounging). It is also more manageable for ladies as it is always difficult for one individual to move giant futons around by themselves.

4.1. Comfort and Support

Given that the height of the folding mattress could be regarded as an important element to guarantee comfort and stability, we find that three out of the four 4-inch folding mattresses we experimented with lack thickness and are more suitable for temporary use only. Due to the total number of tested samples and the result of Table 3 shows that there is no significant difference in terms of the comfort and support of the four 4-inch folding mattresses.

Findings about the comfort and support of the four folding mattresses are summarized in Table 3. All folding mattresses come with high-density foam and can support more than 50kg of weight. Consequently, they all offer a comfortable sitting and sleeping experience. As the support and comfort offered by the four 4-inch folding mattresses are quite similar, having tested different brands of 4-inch folding mattresses and considering user comments, the height and material of the surface are the key factors to consider when planning to buy folding mattresses.

5. Market Analysis

From a practical point of view, focusing on a single mattress or a compressed mattress fixed size of 4 inches depth appears to be more efficient for production. The maximum retail price paid by the possible percentage to compare S$250 mattresses is 54 percent with a low-density polyfoam of 2.0 lbs in a 30 percent cotton and 70 percent polyester cover with a dimension of 36″ in the survey. Two mattresses, which are more expensive than a general mattress because of advanced foam materials of medium-density polyfoam of 3.0 lbs and high-density polyfoam of 4.0 lbs to make the ability to recover its shape easily when folded, have a dimension of 36″ and use blended fabrics are also found. The maximum surveyed price paid by the same retailer companies is very close to those by the specialized companies.

In our study, we survey the current market price and distribution in Singapore. The folding mattresses can provide a low-cost mattress in the current constrained economic situation. The maximum retail price among 34 common retailers is S$135, while the minimum retail price among 34 common retailers is only 42.5 percent of S$135, i.e. S$57.75. It is found that the real surveys of retail price can save at least 15 percent of the maximum retail price in the current market. Different 4-inch folding mattresses are available on sale in various retailers with the price of mattresses ranging from S$59 to S$135. The maximum retail price and the maximum surveyed price have a high positive correlation with the value of 0.959.

The Singapore tying-up company finds the current price and distribution of 4-inch folding mattresses in Singapore. A total of 34 retailers including department stores, mattress shops, superstores, departmental stores, furniture centers, and provide shops are surveyed in this study about the price, foam type, and cover material of the folding 4-inch mattresses. It is found that 9 retailers provide high-density foam type mattresses, and this kind of foam mattress is around 20 to 30 percent more expensive than medium-density foam type. The material of mattress cover type is mainly mixed cotton of 10 to 30 percent with long-lasting satin fabric. The published price of 4-inch medium-density folding mattresses in Singapore covers a large spread of S$59 to S$99, while the retail price is a bit cheaper for the same kind of mattress.

The folding mattresses are usually used in the common living room for its flexibility in folding into a compact size when unused. The hard compressed foam mattress has a common size of 36″ width with a thickness of 4″. In this study, we survey the current market price and distribution of 4-inch folding mattresses in Singapore.

5.1. Popular Brands and Models

However, many people prefer to purchase Comfort Furnishing’s single folding mattress (Comfort Folding Mattress Open Type with Pipe Legs LBH 195cm x 75cm x 10cm Open), as it is made locally, has the highest number of review ratings, and yet is more affordable. The main weaknesses of this Comfort mattress are that occasionally the stock is sold out or has a lead-time, while the other 2 brands seem to have greater availability.

Popular Models Boyou’s single folding mattress (Folding Bed 55) is a best seller, as shown by Shopee’s large number of review ratings. Boyou’s queen folding mattresses (Folding Bed 77 and 808) are also popular. However, the latter is larger, heavier, and more costly, but can support heavier loads. Furthermore, it weighs about 10 kg less than the queen folding mattress made by SQ Med (Foldable Foam Mattress) because it has lower density. On the other hand, SQ Med’s single folding mattress (Sourire®) is less popular but well-reviewed.

Singapore’s most popular 4-inch folding mattresses are manufactured by Boyou, SQ Med, and Comfort Furnishing. These 3 brands allow consumers to choose between single or queen sizes and a range of colors that includes beige, blue, and purple. Most importantly, their open-type mattresses can be readily laid flat without any assembly, while closed-type mattresses need additional support. Closed-type mattresses seem quite popular now as they are often out of stock.