Crucial Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Worrying about your company that it is at risk of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack? It is a well-known fact that cybercrime has increased by 48% during 2020. With so much internet crime, business can’t be left unprotected.

Let’s discuss six cyber security tips to keep your company safe:

  1. Install a Hardware Firewall – Whileprotecting your employee workstations, you’ll need to connect all your devices to a hardware firewall. It will give your insight into all network traffic coming in and out of your network. All the known malicious threats on the internet will be removed. Traffic will be blocked if your firewall detects one of those threats. Firewalls contain blacklists and whitelists to help control the internet connections.
  • Back-Up Important Files – The safety and integrity of your data are equally as important as network security. If you want to save time, just set up a backup system that keeps your critical business documents, and movies safe. Use software to back up your information to physical devices like CDs, blu-rays, USB drives and tape drives. Another way to have the backup is Cloud solutions that will automatically download your essential documents on a schedule.
  • Set Up Two-Factor Authentication – The two-factor authentication helps you to create a secondary login code when someone authenticates with a password. You can’t access a user account if you don’t enter this random code. Users can use hardware keys to authenticate after entering their passwords.

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  • Use VPNs for Remote Users – Technology has made it easier to access your work materials from anywhere with an internet connection but it also opens new cyber threats. If you connect to any networks, all of your internet traffic is visible to attackers. A VPN will help you in many ways as it creates a secure connection to your computer network.
  • Stay up to Date on Threats – New threats are released all the time so you need to look into cyber security to stay on top of new threats. Hardware and software bugs open the door for new security vulnerabilities. Protect your system from all these vulnerabilities. Hackers use their social skills to take sensitive information so you need to keep your system updated and not to fall victim to them.
  • Get a Security Audit – Having a security company audit your network security will help you track down any security issues. Auditing your network, finding problems, getting reports with your problems help you to have cyber security solutions.
  • Patch management:  Patch management refers to the process of making sure patches are tested, rolled out, installed and up-to-date on the technologies that need them. Patches are the updates that software manufacturers release on a regular basis to fix known system issues and protect against security vulnerabilities.Keep devices up to date so hackers can’t exploit known security weaknesses. Just one machine without the latest patches creates an easy target and may put your entire network at risk


IT infrastructure is one of the major issues to protect your system and software from hackers. The discussed cyber security tips will help you to improve your cyber security measures in every way to improve your business.