KOM Construction saves the day, once again!

Yvone Williams the wife of late Pastor Williams, a loving, caring contributing member of the Los Angeles community. However, in 2019 we saw that even the kindest hearts will be walked on. After being scammed for all their savings for a home renovation in an attempt to make her home accessible for her husband, the local Pastor who had suffered from a stroke prior to the “renovation”, Yvonne was on television explaining her situation. To her luck, she happened to be wearing a LATLC “Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities” T shirt that was recognized by a local member of that Organization, which then lead to a reconnection with a local man and member of the LATLC  organization with a go fund me and raised over $35,000.00 to make up for the unfair and unjust acts that had been performed on Yvonne and her family home.

With the raised funds, KOM Construction was the obvious choice when it came to finding and working with a legitimate and trustworthy company to make this renovation everything Yvonne and her husband needed and more. From ceiling to floors, new kitchen & ADA bathroom to the electricity, plumbing lighting the house was not only set for wheelchair accessibility, but the house was also renovated with luxury finishes.

Due to the massive success of KOM construction they have made it possible to take a large portion of there proceeds and put that into charitable causes. This is just one example of how KOM Construction is able to work its magic outside the world of luxury homes in and complexes. KOM donated all labor and helped the Williams in their time of need. They know it starts with your environment and put 100% into every project to provide maximum durability, luxury, safety and longevity.

Robert Apple is the owner and founder of the luxury construction group of Los Angeles area contractors known as KOM Construction. Innovation, creativity and attention to detail, Robert Apple is able to show off his flexibility as one of the most prestigious and hard working local general contractors in the greater Los Angeles area.

From Rodeo Drive to Trousdale Estates Robert Apple has shown himself to be a leader in luxury real estate. In recent years he has expanded his business into several luxury housing projects all throughout the Hollywood Hills area. His reputation as a skilled craftsman and builder has made him a valuable member of the Hollywood Hills and Trousdale Estate also known as the bird streets communities.

Robert Apple has been a huge part of the Los Angeles community, he received a bachelor’s degree at UCSB University in California and thrived for several years in the hotel and restaurant management field before pursuing a career in the luxury construction and development world. Having gained years of valuable experience in Hotel management and the restaurant director, he decided to establish his own company. The highly regarded company he formed in 1992, is now known for its design and high end construction services.