7 Inexpensive Ways to Make Foundation Box Stand Out

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For cosmetic products, the foundation packaging is not just a means to protect and preserve the structural integrity of the products. But, it enables the businesses to connect with the wider target audience and build stronger and loyal relationships. It has now become an essential and key feature for implementing advertising strategies for cosmetic brands. Many brands are spending money on making it more innovative so as to integrate it into impactful marketing campaigns that can lead to enhanced brand exposure. Although effectively designed packaging can prove helpful for the business, it can enhance the investment levels as well. Readout this comprehensive article to learn the ways of designing cost-effective yet striking packaging. 

Utilize foil stamping:

Creating extra embellishments for the foundation boxes is the need of the hour if you want to cast a desirable impact on the target market. However, you might end up incurring yourself a heavy amount of money in this regard in case you are a newbie. Foil stamping is a great process for making your boxes look modern and chic. It is a process where a hot foil in any color of your choice is stamped on the exterior of the packages with the use of intense heat and pressure. Initially, it was a bit expensive process owing to the larger utilization of intensive labor. However, it has now become a modern technique, and many companies offer a wide variety of stamping options at a very low cost. 

Printed patterns are the best:

Printed patterns on the foundation box are the best way to reflect a sleek and minimal brand design. They are so lustrous in their experience that it makes the people believe that printing them would cost too much. However, it is not the case; this is because the printed patterns on the box can be accomplished with the help of digital printing with full-color CMYK. There are no extra or hidden costs in this process since you do not require a special PMS color model for printing. Not just that, but there is also no need to use some novel inks and paper for accomplishing a shimmery outlook. Make sure to match these patterns with the original brand theme in order to make your box look even more impressionable. 

Going digital saves extra:

Digital printing is a great technique that enables you to innovate and personalize your foundation box as per the shifting trends or likings of the target market. This printing technology costs much less than offset printing and makes sure the provision of excellent printing results. It proffers you more precision in color accuracy, and the inscribed graphics and printed designs seem visually more expressive. In this process, the printing inks dry very quickly, due to which there is no fear of smudging. Due to this, the foundation packages become visually more prominent, and they become irresistible for the customers. 

Inclusion of little extras:

It is an inescapable fact that all the customers in the market love to receive extra things or some freebies along with the original products. Thus, you can make your foundation packages stand apart from the rest by putting in a few little extras. The placement of some custom inserts, for instance, is a great tactic to improve word of mouth, increase loyalty, and enhance the order size. The inclusion of an already printed note saying “thank you” to the esteemed clients also goes a long way, and above all, it does not cost much. You can also think of wrapping your products in custom tissue papers designed with your brand logo to leave a lasting positive impression on the clients and to sway their buying habits. 

Use custom sleeves:

Introducing sleeves on your existing foundation box designs is the best way to present your box items in front of the target audience. It is the most cost-savvy design, and you can personalize it the way you want. The sliding drawer showcases the uniqueness of your branded design and elevates the unboxing experience of the clients. It costs very minimal, just a fraction of the total cost of a custom foundation package. Apart from being cost-savvy, you can also showcase the positive side of your brand as well since the sleeve is reusable. 

Use sticker labels strategically:

The sticker labels proffer you the most cost-effective way to put customized finishing touches to the packaged products inside the foundation packages. When you are packing the makeup foundations inside the boxes, make sure the logo of your brand is the first thing that is seen by the people opening your boxes. You can do this job by pasting a custom sticker carrying your brand logo on the makeup foundations. Like other packaging items, the branded stickers do not cost that much, and their cost can be lessened further by printing them in bulk quantities. 

Inoculate a see-through feature:

It would be highly unwise to write off the standard foundation packages with die-cuts. Not just they gravitate and incline customers towards them, but they also are quite popular for their cost-savvy nature. No matter what style of your boxes is, you can select to add an exceptional die-cut at a minor cost. The cut-out zone on the box can be replaced by the transparent window so as to reflect the original state of the product in front of the target audience. This way, you can resolve one of the most common concerns of the clients for not being able to see the products before purchasing. 

The foundation packaging is the vital part of the cosmetic product you are selling so, do not underestimate the power of its design. See the aforementioned tips to design striking and graceful packaging without putting much strain on your business budget. These tips will prove helpful for the market reach of your business in the near future.