Five Toxic Traits of Bad friends

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Everyone loves to have a good set of friends, have an unbeatable bond, and be around by someone you can rely on or call and share your feelings with them whenever you feel like it. It is a great feeling to know you have that one person you can contact your friend or even best friend, and they won’t question you for anything and will be by your side all the time.


But, as much as we look for someone to rely on and have a friend, we should also know the differences between a good friend and not someone who backstabs you. So it’s pretty important before you find a friend, you should be aware of the bad traits of a friend; if you know about them, you can have a step behind before you make them your friend. 

So, here are some of the bad traits of a bad friend, for if you notice any of them, you should know you can’t rely on them. 


Declining to respect your Boundaries 


To start, they are masters in manipulating and always looking for what is beneficial for them. Moreover, if it is out of your boundaries and you are unable to move ahead with their decisions, they will have all the “buts.” They will make you count what they have done for you, manipulating you to make you accept and cross your boundaries. 


Toxic friends will firstly be so full of charms, trying to gain your trust. And when they have reached that stage, they think they have control over you. Once they are well aware of weaknesses and insecurities, they will use them against you. Make you responsible for the things they are responsible for.  

Backstabbing you when you’re not around: 

This is the most hurtful trait which you can find in them. Loyalty is a need not only in a friendship but in any relationship; it is a crucial factor. If your friend is sharing her other close friend’s deepest secrets, know you’re not safe either. If someone can bring gossip about other significant-close friends, then what is stopping them from telling yours? Before letting anyone in about your deep secrets, boundaries of trust and loyalty most of all should be there. 


A true friend will have your secrets safest as if it’s locked inside them, that’s knowing you can trust. Toxic friends will let out your talks when you’re not there and make fun, laugh about it. So you need to be careful about who you give details to about yourself.


Making their Bad Habits get on you: 

There are a few people whose impacts lead us down some unacceptable way. Ever feel like you don’t want to do it, but you’re forced to keep someone happy? That’s what it is about, whether it’s partying late at night, trying to stay within budget or maybe doing something which you are prohibited from doing for various reasons and many other things which you might regret later on. This is when they force or become so keen, dominant about forcing you to do it just because they need a partner in crime. They don’t want to listen to any of your reasons and care enough about themselves. 


And if you somehow get out of it, later on, you’re either going to be made through guilt by them or the worst that you will be treated by ignorance and attitude. 


A good friend will always understand your reasons and never force you into something you are not willing. On the other hand, an evil friend will ask you to do bad things, including alcohol consumption. Make sure you dial the rehab line if you fall into alcohol addiction because of bad friends. 

Never want to be Happy for you:

Did you ever have a friend best friend who never was genuinely happy for you? Either you find a significant lover, get a promotion on your job, get better grades, or even achieve what you always wanted. They will NEVER be happy for you; they would always want to take away the light you are shining in. 


When they know about your achievements, they will either compare it to theirs and saying ‘oh, it’s nothing, I have had it before. They will never make a big deal out of it, which shows they envy and are jealous of you. 


A toxic best friend will never give her best wishes to you; instead, every time you try to take a step forward towards success, they will make sure to bring you ten steps behind because they can’t tolerate you doing better than them. A good friend will never take your shine away and always look forward to your success. 


Everything revolves around them: 

Ever had a conversation where it started on your toxic friend and ended on them, and you never had the chance to say a word about yourself? This is a huge red flag alert. They are selfish and self-obsessed, it’s just all about them, and you can only talk or say a word if you’re serving their needs. They think the world does revolve around them, and not only that, they want your world to be around them as well. They are so full of them that they wouldn’t even bother to look at what you’re feeling and what mood you are in. 


A toxic friend considers you as their puppet, and they are the display showcase, which is why they don’t care about you but just how they are. A true friend will never make it about themselves; they care and would notice your mood or if you’re not well by just looking at you, and you wouldn’t even have to speak to tell them about it.


These are just some of the traits which a lousy friend would indeed have. You need to be careful about who you choose to make friends with and share your secrets with.