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Life is a very difficult game and every day a human being overcomes several challenges to be in a winning position. In this struggle, he forgets that he must have to go through different stages of life. At one point, he is very young, healthy, and active. So, he can prove himself to be more functional and efficient. On the other, he is weak, sick, and old. In fact, at this point, he needs more attention, care, and support for his daily life activities such as bathing, walking, dressing, or taking medication on time. 

As well as such people are also at risk of slipping in washrooms or falling from bed, wheelchair, or stairs Second, they lack energy and have limited body movements. Furthermore, they need special techniques to carry out their daily life tasks. However, if their family wants to support them, their busy schedule does not allow them. As a result, they feel miserable, and their loved ones remain poorly unattended. So, what to do?

Nursing assistants, or nurse assistants, prove themselves to be worthy wherever personal care is needed. Who are they?  Nursing assistants provide basic care needs such as bathing and feeding to people living in nursing homes or other health care facilities. They also help people with physical disabilities, mental disorders, and other health care needs in their daily activities.

Assistant nurses or in-home nurses are qualified to administer medications, injections, and supply medical treatment, and care associated with health conditions including diabetes, tracheostomy, respiratory, colostomy, dressing injuries, and more. 

Moreover, they prove themselves to be a friendly companion for your loved ones. They not only help them in providing medical assistance but also provide them psychological counseling. How do you find them in Karachi?

Holistic Healthcare Services offers the best home nursing services in Karachi. It is one of the best privately owned nursing agencies and provides licensed and trained assistant nurses who have expertise in their fields. Moreover, they have special home nursing packages for patients of all needs and ages. 

The purpose of best and professional services is to provide regular supervision with specialist nurses. They always stay in touch with the doctors accordingly and provide dedicated high-quality nursing and 24-hour care reception services. Hence, all with the help of certified staff and medical professionals. So, no matter what part of Karachi you belong to, they always ready to offer you the best class services at your door.

High-Level Services

Do the medical services meet the standards of the hospital’s high-level service? Yes, people choose well-known healthcare service providers because of their dedicated, reliable, and efficient services. They provide registered and specialized male and female nursing services that will look for your loved ones in front of your eyes. They got enough training to provide advanced professional medical care and they also strive to make elderly patients safer and more comfortable as well. In addition, senior doctors and paramedical staff assist and check their performance accordingly.

In addition, you should choose the one that offers both short- and long-term home nursing services. These include post-surgery care, nursing care reception, or nursing for adolescents with illness, mental or physical disabilities.

You should clarify first that assistant nurses must be specialized in:

  • IV drip
  • Daily dose injections like Insulin.
  • Tube feeding management.
  • Post-surgery treatments and care.
  • Oxygen administration.
  • Toilet hygiene (includes going to the restroom, self-cleaning, getting up from the toilet)
  • Personal hygiene (includes brushing/styling hair, shaving, grooming activities)
  • Bathing and skincare.
  • Functional mobilities (moving from one place to the other or getting into or out of bed).

If you want To get assistant nurses for your patients at home who provide palliative care to your beloved patients give a ring at UAN # 03-111-678-679 and avail trustworthy and professional home nursing services in Karachi.

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