A Complete Guide to Gaming Consoles

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Everyone is staying indoors these days and trying to find the much-needed escape they want. Those escapes are very helpful for everyone’s mental health and important too. One such escape is video games. People love them and enjoy playing them with their friends and families. These video games are not just for young adults. Anyone of any age can play them and enjoy them as per their liking. There’s truly video game systems and games out there for people of every age to enjoy. However, if you are trying to find a console of your liking and have no idea where you should start from, you should consult guides to game consoles. All consoles are good for different reasons but some of them suit certain people and their requirements, better than others.

If you already own a game console repair, then here are some of the recommendations that you should stick to.


PlayStation VS XBOX

The debate between PlayStation vs. Xbox has been really old. This debate is never ending. People have been attempting to determine which console is better but over the time it has been clear that it is completely a matter of personal preference. Each of the game consoles has their own pros and cons and people like them due to their gaming preferences. It depends on which games they like to play, how they want to access their games and any additional equipment that they want to try.



The PlayStation by Sony is known for its wide variety of exclusive games that are available on the system. It includes popular series like Uncharted and The Last of Us. This PlayStation has an easy navigation system that allows you to seamlessly switch tasks whether you want to listen to your favorite Spotify playlist or play games or even watch your favorite streaming service.

This playstation also comes with its own VR gear, so you can try out games like Beatsaber.



The things that people like the most about Xbox systems are the Game pass subscriptions and the hardware capabilities. Game Pass is a monthly subscription of $15, it gives you access to a library of games that are updated frequently.


When new, exclusive games come out on the Xbox, like new editions of Halo and Gears of War, they’re updated to the library and ready to play almost immediately. Buying games on the Xbox also gives you access to stream them on your PC; and vice versa.


The Next-Gen Consoles We’ve Been Waiting For

After the PS5 and Xbox Series were released, the real war between game consoles started. Gamers all across the world were waiting for these amazing consoles to enjoy gaming on a whole new level. They are both upgraded, with pros and cons of their own. These are high power upgrades with an amazing and fast gaming experience. So, get your hands on whatever game console you like, and enjoy gaming on a whole new level.


PlayStation 5 VS PlayStation 4 PRO

Want to send your Christmas money on a gaming console but not sure what to do? You should definitely buy a new gaming console. However, the confusion still remains if you should buy a PS4 or PS5. Here are some things that will help you figure out what you should buy. In order to compare, we should talk about the price first, the PS4 Pro has a launch cost of $399, while a fully-loaded PS5 on the other hand, costs $499– $100 more.

The $399.99 price applies when you buy a diskless edition otherwise it costs more. However, if you feel like you are fine with the PS4 console, you should stick to it.


Explained above are all the details of the most famous game consoles that have recently come out in the market. These game consoles are what will revolutionize the game market and don’t let you get bored during the lockdown. You can play with your siblings and make the best out of lockdown!