Some Of The Hidden Laptop Features You Should Be Using!

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Most of us have had Windows 10 on our systems or laptops for a long time now so we know about most of the features that are used every day. But there are some features that are not known by most people. So, you must be excited to find out some of the useful tricks that Microsoft has been hiding underneath the hood. These hidden features will make your life easier. Let us have a look at those tips and tricks that can help to improve your Windows 10 experience.

1.Access a Start Menu For Power Users

Windows 10 has a hidden start menu and it has some pretty useful tools in it for power users. It contains the task manager, command prompt, device and disk management, and various other things. In order to get this hidden menu, you will have to either click on the windows button or use the windows key plus X shortcut on your keyboard. After pressing these buttons, you will access the start menu for features that are hidden.

2. Sniff Out Disk Space-Hoarding Apps

This is a pretty useful feature of both iOS and Android that lets you monitor the amount of disk space that has been taken up by the apps that you are using. Microsoft has introduced a similar tool in its setting apps For Windows 10. In order to find this tool, you will have to click on settings, then system, and then storage. By doing this you will be able to sort by a drive and search specific apps by their name so that you can figure out what apps are taking up the most space in your system. This will help you clean your system and empty the storage once in a while.

3.Quickly Minimize All Windows Except The Active One

Since Windows 95 the show desktop function has been around but there wasn’t anywhere to minimize all the windows except the one you’re looking at. However, in Windows 10 this feature has been introduced and all you have to do is grab the window by its title bar and shake it a bit. By doing this all the other inactive windows will get minimized and you will only see the active one.

4. Stop Background Apps From Running

This is another feature that has been borrowed from mobile OS. With this feature you get to control the apps that you want to run in the background. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but if you are using a laptop repair with a mobile hotspot it can solve a lot of problems and you will not waste any data. It will possibly conserve little battery life too. In order to do this you will have to choose what apps you would like to allow for running in the background. For this you will have to go into the settings app, then privacy and then background apps. Here you will see a list of installed apps and you can decide from them, which one do you want to run in the background.

5. Become a Start Menu Power User

Start menus start becoming bloated as we install more and more applications into our systems . It doesn’t mean that you should not have the process of finding and opening an app you want to. After opening the start menu, you will just have to click on all apps and here you will see letters that you can click on. After clicking the 1st letter of the name of the app you’re looking for, the app should appear on the right side where you will see tiles. In order to be more specific, you can also search for apps from the search box.

6. Print To Pdf

The print two PDF feature has been very easy, and people have loved it a lot. This feature has now also been introduced in Windows 10 where you can print a PDF across the entire operating system. You can access this from any friend dialog and you will be able to enjoy it the way you want.

These are some of the amazing hidden features that you should definitely know about if you are using Windows 10 in order to get the best out of it.