How to Clean Fabuwood Cabinets? – Complete Guide

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No doubt, there is a lot of fuss in cleaning kitchen cabinets. However, if you have fabuwood cabinets in your kitchen, they need some extra care. As they are delicate and incredible, you need to pay attention. Regardless of the kitchen style, you can never ignore the cleaning of cabinets. Clean kitchen cabinets are the symbols of hygienic kitchens.

No doubt, with the passage of time, grease and oil build over the cabinets. If they are allowed to stay longer, they will be difficult to clean. Moreover, dirt fabuwood cabinets also give rise to bacteria and other germs. Therefore it is extremely important to deep clean the cabinets every once in a while.

Deep cleaning fabuwood cabinets

Perhaps, you only wipe out the exterior of cabinets. Usually, you do this either with a simple cloth or with anti-bacterial wipes. Try to follow this habit, either once a day or at least every alternate day. Keep in mind; these kitchen cabinets have high-end surfaces. Also, they have a great texture and looks. No doubt it seems tiresome, but it is essential.

Moreover, you can also divide the cabinet cleaning into various steps. For instance, one day, you clean the spice cabinets, and other days, the one having utensils. No question at all. This is an easy approach.

how to clean fabuwood cabinets?
how to clean fabuwood cabinets

Material required

Perhaps, just like other parts of the home , some tools are required to clean the fabuwood cabinets

  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Water and bucket
  • A spray bottle
  • Disinfectant

How to clean fabuwood cabinets exterior

No doubt cabinets get dirty. Also, over time slips, spills, finger marks, and greasy stains will build on the cabinet door. Indeed this will make the cabinets unclean .however given below are the tips that will work like a pro for cabinets

  1. Use a damp cleaning cloth

The first and foremost step is to take a cotton cloth. Please put it in the bucket. However, make sure the water is warm. Clean the fabric and rub it on the cabinets exterior.

  1. Wipe out the kitchen cabinets using a cleaner

To clean the kitchen cabinet shelves, you need a cabinet cleaner. Don’t use the cabinets. However, follow the instructions mentioned on the back. Well, before applying it directly, try to follow a patch test.

  1. Rinse the kitchen Cabinets

Now rinse the kitchen cabinet with warm water. So, you can use it with a cloth and rinse it in warm water. Wipe the cleaning residues carefully.

  1. Let them dry

Allow the cabinets to dry. Moreover, clean the kitchen cabinets with a dry cloth. Well, use a microfiber cloth and not a sponge.

How to clean fabuwood cabinets interior

1.      Empty Your Cabinet

Try to empty the kitchen cabinets cupboard. Of course, it’s necessary. Again it’s an important step before you start cleaning.

2.      Wipe the Insides with a Cleaner

To eliminate loose dirt, vacuum or clean the insides of your kitchen cabinets. A kitchen cleaner can be used to clean your kitchen surfaces. Well, check the package for instructions on how to use it properly. To remove any cleaning residue, rinse the cloth after each usage and wipe the cupboards again. Using a fresh towel, dry the cabinets.

3.      Sort the kitchen content

Once you have gathered all the content in one place, now look thoroughly. Furthermore, make you’re your fabuwood or forevermark cabinets etc. are clean. Throw out the expired things. And refill the cabinets with fresh ingredients.

4.      Organize the kitchen cabinets

Now, place all the things back in the kitchen.  Moreover, make sure that you have organized all the items. Always keep the large items at the back. And, again, place the frequently used item in the front.

How to clean fabuwood cabinets jars

Step#1 Wash the jars with warm water

It’s quite possible; jars inside the cabinets have a lot of dirt and grime. However, if they are too dirty, wash them out. You can use dish wash liquid and a soft cloth. Always use warm water to clean the glass jars. Well, you can also use vim.

Step# 2: Scrub the stains

To clean the stains, use a cleaning rag.

Step# 3 Rinse the glass jars

Now, rinse the jar with glass water.

Step #4 Dry the jars

Make sure that jars are completely dry.  However, before you refill them, dry them with the help of a paper towel.

Maintain the cabinet cleanliness

Of course, fabuwood cabinets need proper maintenance and cleanliness. However, to maintain cleanliness, wipe out the cabinets with damp clothes. Well, you can do it once a week. Make sure the cabinets are dry. For this reason, allow the cabinets to circulate at least for 30 minutes.


Conclusion about “How to clean fabuwood cabinets”

Last but not least, before following any instructions to clean fabuwood cabinets, follow the manufacturer’s guide. No doubt this method is suitable, but still, it is important. These kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, but still, they need much care and attention. However, you can use a special wood cleaner as well. Well, follow a systematic approach. Lastly, to maintain and clean the cabinets, there are always some specific methods.