How to choose a DJ mixer

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Do you wonder how a DJ switches from one song two another at a dance club without any pause? He is using a DJ mixer to do that. A DJ mixer allows a DJ to make seamless and smooth transitions while playing music in a dance club or a party.

Before playing the next song, DJs are also able to listen to them on their headphones. Other sources they require to play music in the house are a laptop, record turntables, CDs, and DJ software.

A typical DJ mixer has two inputs. A professional DJ for a professional recording studio has 72 or 96 inputs.

Manipulation of music has become part of the music culture. If you are a music enthusiast, you should get a DJ mixer to be a part of the culture.

Here are a few things you need to consider to choose the right DJ mixer for your need. You can read online reviews to choose the best DJ mixers. This would allow you to make a sensible decision while purchasing a DJ mixer.

Read on to learn about the important features to look for in a DJ mixer.

Number of channels:

DJ mixers come with different channels. A particular mixer comes with at least two channels. You are only able to mix tones if you have more than a single channel. How many channels do you require?

This depends on where you plan to use your mixer. If you are looking for a DJ mixer for a nightclub, you’ll want to have multiple channels. A good nightclub has at least 80 music channels.

If you are an amateur, you should get a DJ mixer with two channels. Two channels require you to have two audio sources. When you learn how to mix music, you can opt for getting a DJ mixer with 4 channels. If you are a pro, you can get a DJ mixer with multiple channels.

Number of inputs: 

While choosing a Dj mixer, you should consider the number of inputs. A Dj mixer with two channels can come with 4 inputs. You can have a turntable and CD deck. However, you can only switch between two channels.

Most DJ mixers also come with a mic. You can grab the attention of the audience by speaking on the mic. However, there is not much need of using a mic when you are learning how to DJ.

EQ capabilities: 

DJ mixers come with different levels of EQ capabilities. You can choose between the highs, lows, and medium. To enjoy smooth mixing, make sure that your mixer has at least 3 EQ capabilities.

Reasons why DJ’s mix 

Mixing is in the trend: 

Mixing has become a vital part of the disco and hip hop music culture. The early pioneers of disco clubs used to mix two songs to make the music more entertaining for the audience. Ever since then, it has become a popular trend among DJs to mix two or more songs. Musicians started creating tunes that were easy to mix along with different songs. Nowadays, DJs mix more than one song at a time.

New technology has made mixing easier: 

Mixing application software and mixing instruments have made it so much easier for musicians and DJs to mix two tones. Laptops and multiple locked decks have made a powerful change in the way DJs play music. Mixing has become quite accessible in nightclubs, disco clubs, and recording studios. Music enthusiasts enjoy mixing music and entertaining everybody around them.

Helps the DJ to be creative: 

All DJs have different and unique styles. DJ mix gives them easy access to play music the way they want. You can judge the music taste of a DJ in the music club with the type of songs he mixes. A good DJ understands the likes and dislikes of the audience in their area. If they do the mixing right, they can stand out from the crowd.

Gives DJ control over the music: 

As a DJ it feels good to have some control over the music you are playing. Looking at the energy of the crowd, you can give them new numbers, new tones, and new songs according to their taste. A DJ mixer allows you to blend a different kind of music, add more sound effects, create remixes, and shorten or lengthen a music piece.

How to enhance your mixing skills? 

Practice allows you to enhance your DJ mixing skills. If you are a beginner, just a little practice would help you brush up your mixing skills. You can go from beginner to advance level of mixing slowly and gradually.

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