10 Best Janitorial Carts of 2022 Reviews

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Janitorial carts are widely used, and the demand is riding high because of their convenience for cleaning and arranging huge properties. Generally, these cleaning carts are ideal for both commercial places and homes, as they offer vast space to store all the cleaning accessories you need at one go. 

Managing the cart is smooth as a breeze as they are equipped with durable and steady caskets. However, before you buy one, you need to consider your requirements before doing the research part. You may also need to list down all the things and then go for the best size. 

Here are the ten best janitorial carts of this year, which are a bit advanced and will satisfy your needs. 

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional best Janitorial cart

Rubbermaid makes the procedure easy with its three wide shelves and a huge bag to carry loads of laundry at a time. On the uppermost shelf, you can easily store cleaning accessories that are used the most. In addition, this cart comes with strong baskets; it will glide on the floor without leaving marks or scratches. 

  • Simply-Magic 79191 Janitorial Cart

Simply-Magic seriously goes by its name and offers magical time cleaning huge properties. This janitorial cart comprises three shelves with extended edges to easily store small and large tools. Plus, it has a huge bag that can afford to weigh between 22 to 66 gallons. The whole cart can hold 330 pounds of load.

  • HomCom 3 Shelf Commercial Cleaning Rolling Janitor Cart

This cart will be the best janitorial cart for heavy-duty cleaning jobs because it can carry all the required items for cleaning. Apart from the large bag and three wide shelves, it also offers hooks to hang long items. The front shelf can be expanded and accommodate buckets or bags. The cart comes with two frontier caskets of 8 inches and 3 inches rear baskets for easy movement. 

  • Dryer Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Cart 

If you are looking for a janitorial cart to store essential cleaning accessories, then your search might end here. This cart is equipped with four wheels and is relatively easy to manage; the rear casket offers the perfect balance. As a result, it is an ideal option for commercial places like hotels, dorm rooms, hospitals, and more. 

It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and has three shelves for the essentials storage. Plus, it also includes a big changeable bag with a zipper. 

  • Tuffiom Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial Cart

This heavy-duty best janitorial cart can carry 500 pounds of weight. This cart offers three large shelves and a bag with a lid that can hold 22 gallons of load. It is built with premium materials and guarantees durability. If you are looking for something that lasts longer than the season, Tuffiom can be your ideal match.

  • Goplus Commercial Best Janitorial Cart Heavy Duty

This cart provides a classic structure comprising an extra-large space to carry mop and bucket. With three shelves, it is easy to keep cleaning supplies in bulk every time. Plus, this janitorial includes a substantial yellow bag to accommodate 25 gallons of load at once. It also features best-in-class ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip while maneuvering the cart. 

  • Best Janitorial Cart

This multifunctional cleaning cart is a perfect fit for home chores. This cart consists of multiple shelves and a huge bag. It is also a commercial use product, as it can store lots of cleaning tools on the shelves. The cart also features hooks on the side to keep brooms, mops, and other tall accessories. 

  • Mindreader Commercial Janitorial Utility Cart

The best feature of this cleaning cart is its extra-wide laundry bag with a lid. This is ideal for hospitals to carry patient’s used linen. In addition, this cleaning cart allows storing cleaning tools on three shelves and has several hooks to hold tall cleaning tools. The shelves are spacious, and each can carry up to 100 pounds. 

  • Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial

If you offer housekeeping services, you might like this one. This cart provides three ultra-large shelves with an additional zipper bag to carry the excess load. This cart is more robust as it can support almost 500 pounds of weight at once. The sizeable zipped bag is deep and can keep 22 gallons of clothes in a single trip. It is an ideal choice for hotels and hospitals as it smoothly runs on the floor without the creaking noise.

  • Farag Janitorial Commercial Housekeeping Best Janitorial Cart

This janitorial cart features a big yellow bag with a cover to obstruct the view of things you carry. It is ideal for both office and home use. It is also great for hotels as it offers enough space to accommodate housekeeping things. The caskets do not leave any impression while rolling on the ground.


Manage cleaning jobs efficiently with these janitorial carts. The carts mentioned above have huge storage space and also include laundry bags. However, the weight capacity varies, so consider your needs for buying the right one.