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This company has since expanded its operations and moved to a 18,000 square-meter facility. Mypalletmarket wood is available in large quantities, from sustainable forests. At competitive prices. These savings are pass to customers.

Wooden Shipping Pallets Malaysia More than 80% of pallets for industrial use are sold by electronics, food, and logistics manufacturers. It was establish in 1995 and has over 25 years experience. It is important to understand the pros and cons of using wooden pallets in Malaysia.


MyPalletmarket – JS PALLET SDN BHD is a specialist in the supply of various types of pallets and raw material to manufacturers of various types of industrial pallets. This includes wooden pallets in Malaysia. There are four kinds of materials that can be use to make wooden pallets in Malaysia. This is because they are cheap and easy to find.

The wood pallets that are not repairable do not have to be throw away. They can be recycl into chipboard, animal litter, or wood chips, which can then become in furniture. You can reuse wooden pallets and use them for gardening and other DIY projects.


Mypalletmarket provides material handling solutions as well as custom-made wooden pallet designs for a variety of markets. In terms of manufacturing, presswood pallets can also be consider a processed wood product. The pallet is very resistant to any damage caused by handling.

Wooden Pallet Malaysia

Wooden Pallet Malaysia has the productivity and capability to handle high volumes of pallets within your business. All types of wood pallets can be make to accommodate any kind of raw wood. The company uses standard-sized pallets and links the supply chain to standard equipment that can transport products.

It is easier to transport objects using forklifts or other lifting equipment if they are place on pallets. This structural foundation unit can be load horizontally or vertically. It makes storage and handling easier. You can make it from any other material, such as plastic, steel, or composites. The price and reuse factor will depend on the materials.