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In early 2015, Anti Social Social Club burst onto the fashion scene. It rose from a crowded Los Angeles streetwear market to global stardom. Neek Lurk, the eccentric founder of the brand, had no plans to be a global superstar but he managed to create a profitable business out of “negative stuff”, such as mental illness and depression. The brand now has fans such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, along with Korean idols BTS. The online store is always sold out, and there are endless discussions about the designs and messages for its accessories and clothes.

Without Neek Lurk, the story of ASSC’s founder is not possible. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and grew up surfing the Internet. In particular, he was active on the NikeTalk forums during its peak. Neek was well-known for his WDYWT (What Did You Wear Today?) photos.

His peculiar style of big hair, graphic tees, and drainpipe skinny jeans enchanted the fashion world, and the man landed a job at Vegas’s Stussy. He started as a temporary hire and quickly rose up the ranks. He eventually moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to become a social media director and brand manager. But he was still lonely and depressed after he moved to Los Angeles.

In late 2014, the catalyst for the brand was found. Neek’s painful breakup with his girlfriend gave rise to the idea of a hat. Neek created a dad cap featuring the words “I Miss You” and the Anti Social Social Club logo at the right ear.

And Neek created 12 T-shirts featuring the same logo at the start of 2015. Neek did not print them but made a mockup in photoshop and shared it online. People bought all 12 of the T-shirts. He decided to keep going.

Although his target audience was only close friends, the melancholic statements began to resonate throughout LA. Then, Anti Social Social Club was swept into the forefront of streetwear. Neek couldn’t understand how or why.

Kanye West was the wave generator. Yeezy was spotted wearing an ASSC hoodie just three weeks after brand launch. Neek’s shop on Big Cartel had received a surge in traffic of as high as two million visitors in one week. Kim Kardashian wore the “I Miss You” hat at New York Fashion Week, just a few months after it was first created. Chrome Hearts Hoodie was seen rocking an Anti Social Social Club green cap to Future’s album launch party for DS2 in New York. The hype machine started to turn and will not stop.

Every day, the list of celebrities who have sported a brand’s products grows. Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne are just a few examples. G-Dragon is also a part of this club. The brand’s items have sold out in minutes and it has soared to heights that no one could have predicted.

ASSC’s meteoric rise was also witnessed offline. ASSC’s meteoric rise was also witnessed offline. The Anti Social Social Club went collaborative and created capsules with retailers like RSVP Gallery and Dover Street Market, high-profile brands like BAPE, crazy popular K-pop boy band BTS, Hello Kitty, Playboy, and more.

Anti Social Social Club Hoodie: What Does It Mean?

Many apparel companies promote the idea of a race for success. Anti Social Social Club isn’t one of these companies. Anti Social Social Club is a clothing brand that speaks out against loneliness, isolation, mental health issues, and appeals towards the darkest corners of the mind.

It is known for its bold, melancholic statements, such as “Self Doubt”, and “Give me joy or pain”. However, ASSC’s slogans, including “Get Weird,” celebrate imperfection, self-acceptance, and vulnerability.

Neek Lurk believes that his depressive and manic states fuel his creativity. His ever-changing mood is translated into clothes and this is where the goldmine lies. This melancholia can be used to counter the pressures placed on the younger generations by hyper-sexualized coolness. This antidote can be found in unisex hoodies or dad caps featuring an iconic wavy logo.

The Club employs unconventional marketing strategies. Its website has little information about products and is minimalistic and genderless. These elements create a mysterious fleur around the brand, and attract curiosity.

The brand doesn’t release seasonal collections or releases drops. There may be up to 100 items in the drop. They are not just clothes, but everything from trash cans to rice cookers with ASSC logos.

Bro, Where’s my Hoodie?

Anti Social Social Club is growing, but the conversation around the brand is not always good. Neek is the Club’s only operator, which causes some logistical problems. It is almost impossible to receive your order in a timely manner and in good condition. Customer service is notoriously poor. The only place where you can complain is on Instagram using the hashtag #wheresmyhoodiebro. There are tons of them underneath every post.

Sometimes shipping can take up to a year. Two years ago  that ASSC owes their merchandise to at least 1,320 customers, with the average value of $380 per order. This amounts to close to half of a million dollars in debt. This not only ruins the reputation but also increases the hype. The reddit community is outraged. This brand would be cool if it was easy to purchase and fast to receive.

Neek is able to deal with the negative and uses it as inspiration. Neek took on the criticism and created an “Eye Hate Neek” shirt as part of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. His fans continue to be excited by his controversial messages and items.

Neek’s nonchalant approach may offend some people, but it is how he keeps authentic despite all the criticisms. He doesn’t want to sell t-shirts. His goal is to express himself through tangible objects.

ASSC clothing is also of high quality. The hoodies are priced at around $70, but they are printed on plain Gildan apparel which is used by many other low-key brands. Many fans chose to have replicas made by the same supplier. They are cheaper and can be shipped quickly. According to Fupping, the fake market conquered 35% of ASSC’s income in 2018.

Anti Social Social Club – Where can I buy it?

Anti Social Social Club began printing t-shirts, hoodies and caps in its early days. But, the fan demand for weird items bearing the logo led to a wider range of products. Blankets, ashtrays, and even sex toys can be bought on the official website. It could also be that the brand does not have a regular drop schedule like Supreme. Follow the Instagram closely to find out about any restocks.

The best way to obtain ASSC clothing is to resell it. For example, Sole Stage has a legit hoodie from a new collection for $119 dollars. Although it is a bit more costly than the official price, you can still get it right now. You can also visit the physical stores in Los Angeles and New York as well as Irvine and Beijing to try it out.

Anti Social Social Club continues to work with other popular brands despite all the controversy. The 2019 Fall/Winter collection featured an all-female lookbook.

Apart from the colourful hoodies, tees and colabs with Playboy, Honda, and Cuckoo, the collection features an unusual collaboration with Korean rice cooker purveyor Cuckoo that “elevates your cooking experience”.

Frisbees and box tapes are just a few of the off-kilter products. The brand already has a lot of regulars such as face masks, flip-flops and umbrellas. Each item is embellished by the ASSC’ motif. “Still Stress” is the name of the collection, which sums up ASSC’s philosophy well.