Find a professional digital marketing agency to grow your Business

Now is the time to invest in marketing and outsource it to a professional digital marketing agency

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for companies to market themselves successfully. Companies, who stand still, are in fact moving backwards. Marketing is more affordable than ever, opening up new opportunities to companies of all sizes. Marketing is as an important part of business as any other and the one part that will bring growth,

The Problem

Many smaller companies realize they need digital marketing but don’t have the resources internally to manage the function successfully. Previously, only two options have been available to companies. Miss out on the opportunities of SEO with Lancashire digital marketing agency and digital marketing or hire a marketing manager.

Hiring a marketing manager is ideal for larger companies or in times of plenty, but to smaller companies or in tighter economic times this has proved a financial hurdle. When you add in the costs of recruitment, pensions, training, and holiday cover, recruiting your own marketing manager does not make financial sense

Current situation

Many companies either don’t have a marketing manager or have recently reduced costs by losing a marketing manager because of the lack of budget to work with. This has left a void in the business operation and many companies are now finding this marketing gap hard to fill at e realistic cost.

The solution

Digital agencies such as Piranha Digitalhave developed marketing packages which encompasses all the marketing management functions, combined with the execution of each of the elements at a very affordable monthly fee. In all but a few cases, this entire cost is well below the cost of an average salary, and in some cases can start from as little as £350 per month depending on requirements.

This solution covers all the key areas of the marketing mix, including SEO, PPC, PR, Advertising, Direct Mail, Fulfillment, Design, and Marketing. It can also be tailored to include photography, exhibitions and more specific marketing elements

What should you focus on?

To start with, you could try these 2 simple solutions

Set up a YouTube Chanel.

Did you know that Youtube is used by over 1.3 billion people world-wide and over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute? This makes YouTube another excellent platform to promote your business. Videos should be short and informative and include calls to action. They are a great way to promote new products or show ‘how to’ instructions for your products.

If neither of these options apply to your company, then you can upload a corporate profile or maybe show the history of your company. Interviewing staff members is also a popular way for companies to engage with the audience.


Embark on an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is vital for building relationships with new prospects and leads, whilst also keeping loyal customers up to date with new products and services. Email marketing is also far reaching – with over 4 billion email accounts active around the globe, you can almost guarantee that every prospective lead will have an email address for you to contact. There are many platforms available that offer a free email service, making email marketing a very cheap and valuable marketing option.