6 amazing activities that help you in learning spelling

Spell checking is often a boring task for school children. You may remember that you had to pray in the words of that day. Spelling words is a chore that most children (and their parents) fear. You can learn spelling by using a  spelling bee game online. Here variety of games available that help in the improvement of your spelling.

If you are a parent of a child who has ten new spelling words to remember by the day after tomorrow, you may be a little stuck. But the tricks below help you to learn spellings easily.

  1. Crossword

There are software programs that do this, but it’s much more fun to do it yourself. From the time you make the clues to the time you make the boxes for each word (you need to spell the words to get the correct number of boxes!); your child will practice a lot of spelling words.

  1. Classification

Using this way, you dictate a group of words. Your kid must undo a word that doesn’t relate and explain why it doesn’t fit into that group.

  1. Creative writing

Choose a photo from a magazine or book. Ask your kid to write one or two lines about one of the spelled words. Older children can choose to skip the photo.

  1. Difficult words

This is a quick-thinking game. Your kid must react with a spelling word connected to the word you said. A simple example is Thanksgiving: Your kid answers “t-u-r-k-e-y.” Depending on the word you need to study, you can ask your child to teach synonyms or antonyms.

This also works for more specialized words, such as those found in science and history. For example, when you say “plant,” the child responds with s-y-n-t-h-e-s-is.

  1. Riddle

The 7-10 age groups especially enjoy this old-fashioned hobby. There’s something obvious, or you can be creative and think of some real putts on your lap increase.

If you want to get hooked, your kid can make his joke booklet-your kid can explain it and print it out.

  1. Missing words

This is a blank game fill. Start by writing a few spell words on the top of a paper. Below, write a sentence that you can fill in the blanks using words. By the help of these amazing activities you can teach 4th grade spelling words to your kid easily.

Strategies to improve spelling in writing

You can protest and shout, “It’s not fair! Studies have shown that good spell writers have better organizational habits than those who do not speak well. So good spelling doesn’t seem to be as skillful as skill. Also, abilities aren’t inherited like abilities so that you can do something with spelling.

How to improve spelling

  •  Use a dictionary

 To develop your spelling by using a word dictionary. Whenever you have a question, you look up in the dictionary, and you rarely misspell a word.  So, it takes time, but it takes time to understand correctly.

  1. Learn the rules.

You will study some spelling rules, like:

  • Write I after c, or before e unless it sounds like a neighbor or weight.
  • These conventions are not perfect, but they do provide tools for you to work with. Be aware of rule exceptions as well.
  1. Increase your memory

Misspellings are often imprinted in memory due to continuous typing or misspelling. Each time you notice a misspelling, enter the correct spelling ten times to correct it. Retrain to practise. One can remember the words by practicing new words.

  1. Work on pronunciation

English is the most spoken language, but about 85% of the words are written exactly as they are pronounced. As you start listening to yourself, your spelling and speaking will improve at the same time.



Due to the lack of corrections, many misspellings occur. It’s much easier to notice misspelled words when rereading the documentation. That is because you are used to seeing correctly spelled words in magazines, newspapers, and books. If you find a misspelling, look it up, check it, and fix it. The spellquiz.com is the perfect site to teach or practice your kid’s English spelling.