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When you need a quick fix for your landscaping problems, Rock Pros Landscape Supply has what it takes. From sand and soil to flagstone sidewalks or patio borders we’ve got the best solution that will fit any budget!

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Our team does everything they can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer. We offer honest and reliable service, as well as quick response times for any needs that may arise with your home or business! But don’t just take our word for it because before long; everyone will realize how incredible our company really is when their friends start asking about them while doing online searches on Google.


If you want to make your outdoor space more beautiful, consider using sand. It’s an excellent base for projects like patio pavers and paths because of its compressibility which allows being transformed into something new without much effort!

There’s so much to say about this, it’ll be hard! I mean just think of all the different ways you can use sand. For example… Paver walkways that have cracks or fractures are typically fixed by pouring some onto them – in between where there were gaps and spaces already- before filling those holes with concrete; And for aesthetic purposes alone? We recommend adding an extra footstep down from your front porch into soft dirt/gravel mix because who doesn’t like a little bit more gorgeousness than what their neighbors got going on up near theirs?! You don’t need me any longer telling why these things work: They do–without question!–and now its time to get back


Loams, clay, and sand are all found beneath the surface of your backyard. Loam is a mix between materials such as sand that does not retain water long enough or silt with tiny particles from riverbeds mixed in; this means you can use less manure to fertilize it than other types!

Soil is essential to your landscape and/or garden for a variety of reasons. It removes pollutants from the air, cleans groundwater, keeps water in soil without using harmful chemicals that can pollute our lakes and rivers as well as our drinking supply with lead paint toxins like old porch tiles or leftover pesticides which are often found on fruits vegetables right below ground level where people tend not only their own gardens but also enjoy farming activities (Source: EPA). Soils act similarly.

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Flagstone is a type of stone that can be found in many shapes and sizes. It’s typically sand-colored with iron oxide mixed into it, giving the rock an attractive look – reds, oranges browns, or grays depending on how much quartz there are! Flags have been used for centuries as pavement outside buildings because they’re tough enough to withstand weathering but still beautiful looking when you clean them off after rain


The most common variety among flagstones are those made from siltstone layers incorrectly called “flag” by early miners who didn’t know what else could possess such properties; these sorts come out quite differently than actual flags due to both colors.

Flagstones are not just different; they can also have various textures and levels of permeability. This makes them an excellent choice for landscaping projects that require durability as well!

Why Rock Pros?

If you’re not sure which type of flagstone, soil, or sand would be ideal for your project we might just be the right professional to assist. There are many different sorts and types available so it’s important that an expert like those on staff at Rock Pros help create more distinctive landscaping ideas with them in mind!

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is the best place for landscaping projects in and around Lincoln, California. Our friendly staff can help you find what you’re looking for whether it’s sand or flagstone!


You’ll never be able to enjoy a beautiful landscape if you don’t have the right soil! With Rock Pros, your plants are sure not going through any difficulty – they just need some good ole’ California dirt. We offer sand by the truckload as well so that there will always be enough for anything from new greenhouses or flower beds; we even deliver in bulk to cover large areas like construction sites and rough terrain too.