Selling and buying property by Michael zingraf real estate

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If you want to invest in a property for sale in the South of France Michael zingraf has 450 most fine and luxury villas for sale. It is high-end real estate with agencies located in the most demonstrative places like Paris, Marseille, Megeve, Gstaad, they will help you in all the matters related to real estate.
You can select any of these luxury villas, according to your choice and priority.


This is a very magnificent, Florentine place. Its inspiration comes from the masterpiece of Palladio, the famous architect. It is located on 25,000 sqm, in the most crowded and residential area of Cannes, located at the distance of five minutes from Croisette and center. The whole building is well insulated from harsh weather.
There is also a very unique property, with a captivating view of the waterfront. Covered almost 2.5ha land, presenting very mesmerizing sceneries that will soothe your eyes. Click here to search all properties

How to manage property following Michael zingraf real estate?

  • They will help you and direct you in the right direction during the journey of investing in real estate, this will ease your life.
  • If you are very busy but want to invest in real estate, we are there to help you, save your time.
  • Michael zingraf real estate has financial and administrative management which will handle all your expenses and they will customize the final report, updated you about all the prospects related to your investment.
  • No need to worry about house help, they will provide you complete assistance and manage all the matters related to house services.
  • Best craftsmen are hired to help you in decorating your place, they ensure all the aesthetics and inform you about all the minor details of decorations and fallow up.

We are there for your events:

They will help you in all your events preparations, no need to worry about management and services. They will ensure proper settings even before your arrivals.

Michael zingraf, passionate man:

He was the man with great ideas for the future, he took initiation for the establishment of this business in the love of the Mediterranean coast. This starts from one agency then increased in numbers and never stopped. He knows the local language, so it became easy for him to interact and develop their business. the native’s lives there supported him, stayed loyal.
Most of the stakeholders were from the Soviet Union. Throughout his journey, he was all alone and manage all the operations himself.
After all these struggles, they are traders of dreams and memories.
Thus Michael zingraf is real estate since 1977 and handle all your problems related to your investment, and offers you a large number of luxurious apartments with all the facilities to cope with different situations, no need to worry about your events because they have proper management for organizing your events and decorating your place.
Moreover, real estate is designed and architect by professionals.
So selling and purchasing property in France have become easy due to Michael zingraf real estate.