Where is Education Free for International Students?

Some of you might be thinking that getting a recognized degree certification, either in your home nation or overseas, is merely impossible with a four- or five-figure spending plan for your use, or without receiving a scholarship, while college fees continue steadily to increase in numerous countries.

Really, not any longer! The knowledge of education in a foreign land is limited to the States like the UK and preferred European nations, tend to ignore some other possibilities that might be open to you. Specific countries provide knowledge without charge or with nominal tuition charges to residents and international students. 

The lists are mentioned below. You are one step closer to realizing your idea of living abroad.

The good news is that there are many countries around the world where higher education is free, and students need to pay only administration fees.

Check out some universities providing free learning for international students. The United States universities give free education for undergraduate students with the other countries, have free universities for undergraduate and graduate students.

So, let’s begin.

Free Universities around the World

1-USA universities which are free of cost for International Students

Amazingly, numerous universities are being free in the USA. These colleges are simply free for undergraduate students, but if students prefer free study in postgraduate courses, the universities are:

Berea College

Berea College is an institution for exceptionally intercontinental students. An undeniable fact of this college is that most intercontinental students may get rewarded with a completely funded scholarship, including tuition, room, and mess. Therefore, if you are accepted here, you will be able to study for free, but it may be difficult for you to get into this college.

Alice Lloyd College

Alice Lloyd College is a free university for international students. It offers free tuition for all of the students acknowledged, but you will have to benefit the college in exchange for the university fees charge.

2-Free Universities in Germany for International Students

German universities is a free fees universities for intercontinental students, undergraduates, and students who are graduates. Exactly what can defeat that? Below included some universities which can help you in managing your study plan.

TUM (Technical University of Munich)

This University provides free tuition for international students and is also ranked as one of the topmost universities among other countries. Though it possesses a reputation, the technical University of Munich offers free tuition for international students.

This University has no tuition fees. Additionally, the price you’ll want to pay is just under $200 for the entire semester since all students in Germany receive free tuition.

 Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Situated in Germany, LMU is just an institution. This is certainly ranked both at national and international levels. Offering over 200 programs and classes, LMU offers tuition that is free of cost to its students.

3-Universities that are free in Norway

Norway provides tuition, which is certainly free for undergraduate and graduate students. To view most of the universities which can be cheap in Norway, please continue to read.

Oslo University

Like Germany, Norway also offers university fees-free for their particular students, irrespective of source. International students can obtain a scholarship for education from famous universities (100% free). Oslo University is just one of the universities being at the top position of Norway, recognized for its best education.

NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

One of many big universities in Norway, the NTNU concentrates its research on technology and science. As shown when you look at the real name, NTNU is well-known for its research and technology analysis, addresses several other majors’ courses.

NTNU is just one of the most affordable universities for international students.

4-University of Austria

Students who would like to study overseas for free can also think about Austria, the best study destination. Austria offers the liberty as similar to Austria and EU International students, who will be allowed to learn free of charge at any program.

However, students must be asked to pay a fee of €363 per semester after they enrol at any college in Austria. This cost increases if students originate from outside the EU/EEA nations, indicating a semester shall cost around €700 or maybe more.

5-The Czech Republic

Often referred to as “the heart of Europe”, the Czech Republic is yet another nation that provides training that is of no cost to international students. 

NOTE-Nevertheless, to take advantage of the free university fees costs at any general public university, students must know the local language.

If students want to continue scientific studies in the English language, they have to pay €4,000-12,000 as tuition fee per year. According to statistics, over 43,000 International students pursue their studies within the Czech Republic.

6-University of Brazil

In Brazil, domestic and international students (research 100%) can study for free at most public universities and certainly will need to pay just the enrolment costs. Whereas, at personal degree establishments, the total amount that students need to pay depends on the college and the degree program that a learning student decides.

IMPORTANT-Before applying to any Brazilian university, students must take a test to prove their knowledge of the Portuguese language. Brazil is also considered the least expensive country for students because food and transportation are cheaper than in neighbouring countries.

7-University of France

Officially referred to as the French Republic, France is a national country situated in North-Western Europe, which is wealthy historically and culturally and considered one of the oldest nations on earth. Overseas students may consider pursuing higher education in France because of their higher knowledge sector, available free of charge at several universities.

In France, students also can take advantage of many scholarships given by the French federal government, which begin from €7,000 to €21,000. Residing costs in the nationwide country may also be inexpensive unless the students decide to live in the country’s capital Paris.

8-University of Finland

Another situation where international students cannot afford to pay for university tuition is Finland, especially for graduate and doctoral students. The Finnish education system is also considered one of the best in the world. Finnish universities are best known for offering courses in the following fields:

  • Creating/designing
  • Architecture
  • Communication

Students coming from EU nations can learn free of charge in Finland at any planned program; non-EU students who want to study in English need to pay university fees charges.

9-University of Sweden

Bachelor’s and Master’s courses are free at many universities in Sweden for Swedish students, EU/EEA students, as well as students from Switzerland, except for non-EU students who need to pay to study in Sweden. Meanwhile, PhD programs are free of cost for all mastering students globally. Sweden also provides financial support to PhD students through their research work, and international students in Sweden can also benefit from the many courses offered by many Swedish universities.

The most popular universities which are preferred in Sweden consist of:

  • Stockholm University
  • Uppsala University
  • Karolinska Institute.

Whereas, University of Gothenburg, Dalarna University, Lulea University of Technology tend to be on the list of universities where higher education is no-cost.


In short, we can conclude that many international organizations provide free assistance and education to students abroad. Some lists of top universities are given above to plan your course accordingly at a very low cost.

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