Translation of scientific articles

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Translation Bureau legal service translation also provides a service – translation and editing of scientific articles and publications for foreign scientific journals or for conferences. We can also offer you a translation or proofreading of the finished article by a native speaker.

Legal translation of scientific articles must be done by a qualified certified translator. If the translation of an article is carried out by a specialist who does not know the subject of translation, then the result of the work will most likely be poor. In addition, the translation of the article must still be proofread by a native speaker or a specialized editor. For publication in the relevant publications, only articles written in academic English using the necessary special and general scientific terminology, as well as those that comply with the norms of British or American English, are accepted.

Professional translation of articles

Starting to translate a scientific article, our translators, first of all, draw up a glossary, which is agreed with the Customer before the translation begins. If the terminology changes during translation, then the edits are made to the entire document. At the same time, the translator looks through a number of already published articles on this topic and uses the most modern dictionaries to create a glossary.

After that, an experienced specialist proceeds to perform the translation itself, using the terminology agreed at the first stage. During the work with the translation, you will also be able to keep in touch with our translator in order to timely coordinate all the details and questions that arise in the course of working with the text of your scientific article or book. This communication between the Customer and the translator is a very important component of a high-quality translation. It is thanks to the ability of the translator to clarify some details in the text,

Then the finished translation of the article, that is, the translated text, undergoes editing and proofreading. Of course, the timing of such a translation is very different from the timing of the translation of an ordinary text, for example, a contract or certificate, but, you must agree that the result of your scientific work or research is seen by the whole world, it is worth waiting a little longer, because by turning to non-professionals, you can lose much more time and money.

We guarantee that at all stages, the best specialists-translators will work with your text, who have already translated more than one article of the same subject, and who specialize in it. If you need to translate an article, then you can order this service from us. If you want to translate the article into English or from English yourself, then you can order proofreading of the finished text of the article from us.

Proofreading of the translation by a native speaker

Translation of an article into English or another foreign language should be done by a native speaker. Such translations are of higher quality in terms of translation style. Also, you can order not translation of articles, but only proofreading. This will save you time and money.

Also, when translating scientific articles that you plan to publish in international scientific journals, we recommend using an additional service – proofreading of the finished translation by a native speaker . Additional proofreading will allow you to make the text of your scientific article guaranteed to advise all the requirements of foreign publishing houses. Check translation prices on the page by reference. You can find on it the cost of translating 1 conditional page of text, which equals 1800 characters with spaces. Please note that translation of articles is more difficult than translation of general texts. Therefore, the cost of such transfers is calculated individually. The most popular service is  translation of articles into English .

If you have any additional questions or want to order a translation of a scientific article – write to us in the mail or contact us by contact numbers.