How To Remove Cloudflare Captcha In Google Chrome?

Cloudflare captcha is the captcha code which appears when you try to access sites like yahoo mail, gmail etc. It adds an extra layer of security to your accounts. It prevents bots and hackers from using brute force attacks against these major email providers. You can read more about the Cloudflare Captcha here – What Is Cloudflare Captcha And Why Is It So Irritating , How To Bypass Cloudflare Captcha .

Cloudflare captcha is shown in red color. Sometimes it’s really irritating because the first thing you do when you open your email account (like gmail), is read emails or send emails. It takes extra effort to click on the continue button every time you open your email account. Cloudflare captcha has been known to malfunction at times, making it very difficult for users to send emails.

Since this captcha is not from google, it can be removed easily.

In Google Chrome:

Remove Captcha In Google Chrome Login to your google chrome browser. Click on the settings button (the 3 dots) and click on settings in the menu that pops up. Now go to “Show advanced settings” tab. Scroll down to bottom where you will find a section called “Passwords and forms”. Under this heading, you will see an option that says “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click”. Now check mark the box next to it. Now open any website which has captcha. Cloudflare captcha should no longer appear on your screen! You can also use Password Managers like Lastpass , Dashlane etc. Password mangers allow you to store login info of all the websites. You just have to remember a single master password for it and it will fill login form automatically for you. There are some drawbacks to using these password managers, because whenever a website gets hacked, your passwords could get leaked too !