Shopster by Easyrewadz – Key to Conversational Commerce

With its AI-powered virtual assistant, Shopster by Easyrewadz is helping retailers redefine the concept of conversational commerce and boost their store sales. The platform allows customers to place orders without leaving the comfort of their home, send them personalized recommendations and product catalogs, and process payments. Customers can also schedule appointments and store visits. The omnichannel approach has paved the way for future commerce.

Currently, Shopster by Easyrewadz is the leading Conversational Commerce toolkit, enabling brands and retailers to reach customers via WhatsApp, and facilitate sales through a WebBot. The WebBot allows customers to make purchases, schedule store visits, and accept digital payments. Its unique platform has helped numerous stores bring back lost customers, increase revenue and create meaningful engagement. Its flexibility has allowed retailers to combine digital and physical shopping, allowing for a seamless experience for customers.

Besides facilitating payments through mobile devices, online shopping also enables brands to schedule store visits and schedule appointments through WhatsApp. Additionally, the solution also accepts digital payments. With its ability to integrate the physical and digital world, Conversational Commerce has already helped brands win back customers and foster meaningful engagement. With this, brands are now able to combine the benefits of both worlds and boost in-store sales.

A Conversational Commerce toolkit is an essential component in the success of any business. Easyrewadz’s Shopster retail toolkit allows brands to connect with their customers wherever they are, regardless of the location. By harnessing the power of the Internet and digital communications, a brand can easily integrate the physical with the digital world, and reap the rewards. And with the use of digital technologies, a business can increase its in-store sales exponentially.

A Conversational Commerce toolkit can be used to enhance customer experiences across multiple channels. It can be used to engage customers with brands using messaging apps and text messages. The UI-based application will make it possible for the consumers to interact with brand representatives in real time. With the help of the conversational commerce toolkit, brands can connect with their customers wherever they are. It also facilitates communication with brands through a variety of channels.

In addition to helping retailers engage with customers on social media, Shopster also helps brands connect with their customers through messaging apps. A chatbot can be integrated into an app that allows brands to make sales and book appointments. The bot can also provide store staff with a personalized digital receipt, which can be sent directly to a customer’s mobile device. And because it is integrated with the payment methods of WhatsApp, a conversational commerce app can be a vital component of a brand’s strategy.

The Shopster by Easyrewadz toolkit helps retailers reach their customers over WhatsApp. With its advanced conversational commerce toolkit, brands can reach customers through WhatsApp. Furthermore, the WebBot can also assist customers and take orders. Moreover, the toolkit can also be integrated with a digital payment platform. For the retailer, the service is customizable and works well with all kinds of business models.

Shopster by Easyrewadz enables brands to engage with customers through messaging apps. Unlike the traditional phonebook, the chatbot can offer personalized information. Hence, a Conversational commerce toolkit can increase a company’s sales by as much as 20%. The application’s integration with Facebook Messenger allows brands to reach their customers via WhatsApp. The webbot can also facilitate payments through contactless methods and issue digital receipts.

In addition to fostering deeper buyer relationships, Conversational commerce also utilizes AI functionality to offer faster customer support and personalized messages to read about shuftipro. This makes the buying journey more personalized for consumers. It is also a powerful tool for brands to learn from different interactions with their customers. So, if you’re looking to create a better experience for your consumers, a Conversational commerce solution is the right choice to book ticketon.

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