A brief insight about violin bow: Everything one needs to know about various violin accessories

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Violin is such a traditional instrument that it has a specific demand for the same in this time. Many are evenly interested in joining the top violin class to get proper knowledge about the same. There are various types of the violin that are available in the shop, along with multiple sizes of a violin bow. The violin comes in numerous shapes, but there is a standard design for the bow. Violin is a fragile string instrument that one needs to take special care of and proper maintenance. 

All the violin aspirants should not skip the cleaning and maintenance part of the violin and regularly check the violin strings. If the music aspirants somehow miss the cleaning part regularly, it will negatively impact the violin in the long run. One should never forget that if one doesn’t maintain the violin periodically and adequately, it will increase the cost of repairing it more often. It does not matter if one uses a good quality violin string or violin bow without regular maintenance. One cannot keep the violin quality intact. If the music aspirant desires to use a branded violin bow, then one needs to know the proper way to maintain the same. 

Notable factors to never forget while choosing the desired violin bow: 

As a beginner, it is not clear how to choose the ideal violin bow. But one will be very happy to know that choosing a cello bow requires the same procedure, which one should keep in mind. Therefore, here are the few notable factors that one should keep in mind while planning to purchase a violin bow or cello bow; they are as follows: 

Look for the right balance and weight:

The main fundamental feature of the violin bow is to provide a proper stroke on the violin strings so that it can produce the desired tunes. The size of the violin bow is also smaller than that of the cello bow. The average weight of the violin bow lies between 50 to 60 grams. One can also buy a heavyweight bow if comfortable playing with a heavy bow. One needs to keep a proper balance as a violin bow is something one needs to hold in hand pretty straight and play on stage for hours sometimes. If the violin bow doesn’t have the right balance, playing all the tunes efficiently one dreams about will be challenging. 


Another crucial trait that one should always check while buying a violin bow is its tenacity to handle pressure. Sometimes, the musicians can put little pressure while playing or practising any complex tune. One should check once so that the violin bow must produce a sudden thrustwhile playing on good quality violin strings. One should always use the best quality violin strings through the best quality violin strings, producing the sweetest melody. A bow that is too stiff to handle would feel harder to control. Again, a too flexible bow won’t allow the players to produce a full sound of their violin. If one is a newbie violin player, then one should seek assistance from the violin instructor to make the right purchase at the initial stage. 


Many beginner violin players or cello players think that just the playing style makes the difference in tune. But one will be shocked to know that while one tries various violin bows or cello bows, the sound for the same will also differ. One should remember some simple facts: the flexible bow will provide a smooth sound. But if that same violin bow becomes flexible enough, there will be a lack of sound clarity and quality. One should even check out the stiff bow, which will produce a more precise and quality sound from the violin. A stiff violin bow is the best option if one desires to play some hard and loud sound. 

Few Maintenance hacks to keep your violin in safe hands: 

Practice and maintenance are the two constant companions while one plans to move further with the violin lessons. 

Many new learners and aspirants don’t have sound knowledge about the same. A few fundamental tips are as follows:

Hold your violin properly: 

The first and foremost step one should never forget is to know the suitable method or technique to hold the violin properly. The first thing one will remember is maintaining the violin delicately and always correctly handling the same. One should buy the best violin carrying bag in which the violin and the violin bow can be carried safely. If one chooses to be a violin player, then the violin case is crucial as one has to travel rigorously along with the instrument in various parts of the world. 

Keep your violin safe from humidity: 

Violin is considered one of the best conventional string instruments, which one needs to handle with great caution. The cello bow and violin bow are often made of wood during monsoon or heavy rainy weather. The quality of the cello bow will be compromised if one does not take care of the same as many times white spots will appear on the violin bow if one doesn’t take proper maintenance of the same. Therefore, one should focus on maintaining the violin as, without adequate care, one cannot move any further in becoming a successful violin player in the upcoming times. One is also suggested to check the humidity and the violin bow if one feels uncomfortable. One can choose a portable dehumidifier. It is always recommended that one keep the violin warm as the material used is maybe from rosewood or any other branded materials. 

Therefore, these are the few things that one should know about the violin bow. At the same point in time, violin strings are something that one needs to take care of to learn the application. We at Stradivari Strings provide the best quality cello bow violin bow, and along with that, one can also understand the efficiency of the violin string.